Wall Street veteran predicts Bitcoin rally to $28,000

  • Wall Street veteran Max Keiser is predicting that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) will reach $28,000 before seeing a correction.
  • While analyst Adam Mancini made a similar prediction, Tone Vays declared that Bitcoin will have to go through a correction to 10,000 before reaching a new all-time high.

As CNF reported, Bitcoin managed to break through the $11,000 mark yesterday, creating a very bullish sentiment in the crypto market. Probably influenced by this, numerous experts have made their next price predictions. One of the analysts who is bullish on Bitcoin’s price is Max Keiser.

The Wall Street veteran shared a series of tweets in which he predicts a massive rally for Bitcoin. According to Keiser, Bitcoin will continue to rise until it reaches $28,000. When BTC reaches this mark, the analyst expects a correction that will precede a massive uptrend into the six-figure region. Keiser wrote the following, referring to gold maximalist Peter Schiff:

Somewhere, PeterSchiff is puking his brains out right now. $28,000 is in play before we see a pullback – and then we’re heading to 6-figures.

Schiff has gained notoriety in crypto space for his bearish predictions on Bitcoin. Schiff has predicted Bitcoin’s death on several occasions. On the other hand, trader Adam Mancini made a prediction that is consistent with market sentiment and Keiser’s prediction. The trader said that Bitcoin will reach $24,000 in the coming months. Mancini shared the chart below and stated via Twitter that Bitcoin will rise alongside with gold to break its alltime-high:

Bitcoin BTCUSD is setting up for a move – likely to follow in GOLD’s footsteps. We’re coiling into a multi-year triangle, and these don’t resolve with small moves. Given the trend entering this pattern was up, this should resolve the same way with 15k then 24k targets.

Bitcoin BTC


Another veteran analyst making a bullish prediction for the price of Bitcoin is Tone Vays. The analyst said that a correction of the BTC price back to $10,000 is likely. However, this would be still very bullish, as the analyst stated:

So as long as this trend continues, I will be very bullish on Bitcoin. I think Bitcoin will have a pullback back to $10,000. After that, it can take off to a new all-time high quickly, just like gold. I’m still bullish on Bitcoin very much. I’m not touching my HODL position. I need a full candle above the trend line. This is a start. It looks like this candle will begin and end above the trend line. That is step number one to a sustained trend line break. […] If this candle, closes above $10,000 on a weekly scale, that’s enough for me.

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