Wall Street Expert Predicts Huge Gains: $10K Ripple Investment Could Reach $140K After IPO – Is September 28th the Big Day?

  • According to blockchain researcher Collin Brown, Ripple’s XRP could surge by 20x if Ripple goes public with an IPO on September 28.
  • A recent legal victory in New York cleared XRP of SEC charges, boosting its legitimacy and potentially attracting new investors.

Amidst growing speculation surrounding Ripple’s potential Initial Public Offering (IPO), blockchain researcher Collin Brown has suggested that XRP, Ripple’s native token, could witness a substantial price increase. Brown pointed to September 28 as a key date for this anticipated move, with experts predicting a potential 20x surge in XRP’s price if the IPO materializes.

Analysts Express Optimism

Collin Brown is not the only one expressing optimism about XRP’s future. Traders and analysts, including KALEO and EGRAG CRYPTO, have also shared positive sentiments regarding the token’s price prospects. KALEO believes that Ripple’s legal victory over the US SEC could pave the way for a bullish trend in XRP. Notably, XRP saw a significant price surge of over 70% earlier in the year when a US Judge ruled in favor of Ripple in its legal battle.

The cryptocurrency community eagerly anticipates the possibility of Ripple going public through an IPO. Such a move would have implications for XRP and serve as a milestone in the cryptocurrency industry. As September 28 approaches, market participants will be closely watching for any developments that could influence the fate of XRp.

Ripple Labs Contemplates IPO After SEC Resolution

Ripple Labs, a blockchain firm led by CEO Brad Garlinghouse, is exploring the possibility of publicizing the company through an Initial Public Offering (IPO). This move follows the recent resolution of a legal dispute with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The crypto community is abuzz with speculation about the consequences of this contemplated IPO, particularly concerning the future of Ripple’s digital asset, XRP.

Ripple Labs’ main objective is establishing XRP as a bridge currency for facilitating international money transfers. The cryptocurrency industry has increasingly paid significant attention to this ambition as it adopts digital assets for cross-border payments. 

A Legal Victory Clears Regulatory Uncertainties

A recent legal victory in a New York court cleared XRP of regulatory charges brought by the SEC. This outcome has potential ramifications for Ripple’s IPO plans, offering a renewed sense of legitimacy to XRP and clarifying its regulatory status.

The prospect of Ripple going public through an IPO could notably influence XRP’s price. The increased focus and credibility associated with an IPO may attract fresh investors to the cryptocurrency, possibly contributing to its long-term growth.

An IPO would also provide Ripple with an infusion of capital, which could be pivotal in supporting the company’s global expansion initiatives. As the cryptocurrency market evolves, access to substantial capital can be a strategic asset.

Ripple’s contemplation of an IPO holds significant weight in the cryptocurrency sector. The last significant cryptocurrency company to go public was Coinbase in 2021, making Ripple’s potential IPO a highly anticipated and momentous event. It underscores the maturation and increasing recognition of blockchain and digital assets in traditional financial markets.

As of the latest data, XRP is trading at approximately $0.51. However, some market participants believe that the anticipation of an IPO could trigger a price surge, potentially propelling XRP to new all-time highs. This potential price rally adds another intrigue to Ripple’s IPO considerations.

Linda Jones’ Perspective

Respected Wall Street figure Linda Jones has shared her optimistic outlook on XRP. She suggests that acquiring Ripple stocks at around $40 may be a wise investment decision before the anticipated IPO. Jones emphasizes the importance of assessing Ripple’s intrinsic value, which she estimates to be approximately $6.6 billion.

 In her view, Ripple presents substantial growth potential in the coming years, particularly when compared to Coinbase. This U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange entered the public market with a remarkable valuation of $86 billion.


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