Vitalik Buterin holds AMA session revealing interesting views on DOGE and Ethereum

  • Yesterday in a Twitter AMA, Ethereum’s lead developer Vitalik Buterin answered questions from the 268 people he follows.
  • Topics covered surrounded Ethereum, technology, cryptocurrencies, and much more.

In a Twitter AMA yesterday, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin responded to some questions from the 268 people he follows. The topics ranged from love, philosophy, fame, and health to online privacy, cryptocurrencies, game theory, and the future.

Participants included Emin Gün Sirer, Cornell professor and founder of Ava Labs, the team behind Ethereum’s competitor Avalanche, who was among his followers. Sirer asked what was Buterin’s biggest challenge during his Ethereum experience. To this, Buterin answered:

People are harder to tightly coordinate in small groups than I expected. You can’t just get everyone to sit around in a circle, see each other’s inherent goodness and get along, especially when huge incentive conflicts are at play.

When asked about his biggest non-technical regret during his Ethereum journey, he replied “the whole ‘8 co-founders’ thing” (and choosing them so quickly and indiscriminately.)”

Notably of the eight Ethereum co-founders, only Buterin and Joseph Lubin have remained close to the project. Charles Hoskinson and Gavin Wood, founded their separate blockchain projects, Cardano and Polkadot respectively. The others either left the industry altogether or chose to stay on the sidelines.

More on the Vitalik Buterin AMA

Despite being Ethereum’s lead developer, Buterin pointed out that the blockchain has never needed him less.

The good news is that I feel like Ethereum depends less on me than it ever did at any previous point in history! Amazing people like @dannyryan, @drakefjustin, @dankrad, @pipermerriam, EF administrators, and many others keep taking over tasks that before I had to do myself.

Interestingly, the surfacing of NFT technology has been most surprising to him. He also thinks that the EIP-1559 was the most interesting real-world application of game theory with regard to protocol design. The upgrade revamped the network’s monetary features with a fee-burning mechanism, setting Ether on a four-month high this week. Of note, Ethereum has gained over 400 percent this year, outperforming Bitcoin, which has gained around 72 percent.

Other than that, he admitted to underestimating the time Ethereum would take to transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake algorithm.

Ethereum will move to proof of stake (PoS) within one to two years.

Additional interesting responses

Also in response to an Ethereum-Dogecoin ‘cooperation,’ Buterin hopes Dogecoin too will switch to PoS, “perhaps using Ethereum code.” Additionally, he stated that Ethereum plays a small part in solving climatic issues, but hopes more long-term fixes will emerge.

As for the research that excites him most, Buterin pointed out ZK-SNARKs (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge). Responding to a question about the privacy-preserving technology of the future, the programmer said:

I expect ZK-SNARKs to be a significant revolution as they permeate the mainstream world over the next 10-20 years.

Addressing one of the general questions, he advised cutting “extra sugar out of your life entirely” as an anti-ageing technique. He also plans to keep wearing a mask even after COVID-19 is gone, to ward off the effects of fame.

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