Venly Launches MetaRing NFT To Offer Users Exclusive Access Across The Metaverse

With a keen focus on ensuring developer-friendly products and intuitive user experience for end-users, Venly is among the few blockchain companies to have gained the status of ‘digital pioneer.’ The platform has already delivered groundbreaking innovation to leading mainstream brands like Shopify, Ubisoft, Atari, Bondly, and several other industry leaders. 

To further expand its footprint in the growing Metaverse, Venly has recently launched MetaRing, a Polygon-based NFT (non-fungible token) that offers its owners a cross-metaverse access pass and several other add-on benefits. 

Venly, previously known as “Arkane Network,” offers a diverse range of tools and products, including the Venly Wallet, the blockchain agnostic Venly NFT Marketplace, NFT tools and APIs, and the newly-launched Shopify NFT App that allows users to create, sell, and distribute NFTs from their Shopify store. 

One ‘MetaRing’ To Rule Them All

Centered around utility, MetaRing is the ‘digital ticket’ that places its owners at the center of the Metaverse while seamlessly linking different ecosystems. In addition to being a wearable and digital collectible that works across different virtual worlds, MetaRing owners gain preferential benefits like entry to in-game events, special NFTs, premium drops, and unique locations across virtual properties, among others.

Overall, the MetaRing membership NFT offers different benefits across different virtual economies. In addition to this, MetaRing also allows owners to unlock special in-game utilities, perks and discounts, market insights, whitelistings, mint priorities, and much more. MetaRing owners, for instance, gain access to the Whitelist and unique opportunities to sell virtual land and other items within the VulcanVerse alongside a permanent  10% XP boost. In the case of Sandbox, MetaRing grants users access to a whitelisted event with eligibility to win 100 Alpha Passes as part of a giveaway exclusive to MetaRing owners.

To date, MetaRing has already partnered with 15 platforms with more to follow, including industry leaders like Polygon, The Sandbox, Vulcan Forged, TCG.World, Trace Race Manager (QORPO), V3, AlphaVerse, Polygon Studios, House of Kibaa, 1st11, Coorest, MaisonDAO, Gumtree, Redkite,, Dragonlabz, Aavegotchi,, Purple Penguin, Carbonbase,, and

According to Stefan Colins, the Metaverse Partnerships Director of Venly, “MetaRing is one of the few projects on the market that brings all metaverses together, offering ultimate interoperability. By marrying interoperability with diverse layers of utility, we give more value to the NFT owners. We have a team at Venly that will be focused on striking deals with new metaverses and emerging players, meaning that the MetaRing benefits and value will only scale over the years to come.”

Founded in 2018, Venly firmly believes that the Metaverse will facilitate cross-project virtual experience to the end-users. To that extent, the MetaRing membership NFT aims to connect as many different virtual worlds, games, and platforms as possible, thus offering its users a wholesome experience of the growing Metaverse. Additionally, assets and perks are directly tied up to MetaRing, ensuring they always stay attached and can’t be sold separately.

The Venly Market, introduced recently, positions Venly as a comprehensive, user-friendly, and secure way for blockchain projects to scale. As Polygon’s first P2P NFT marketplace, Venly Market also supports Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche networks, allowing users to trade NFTs in a fully compliant environment.

Venly’s wallet, market, and NFT-tools empower blockchain games, applications, and projects to develop revenue streams without learning complicated blockchain engineering or complying with complex regulations. By adding the MetaRing NFT, Venly is lowering Metaverse’s entry barriers for platform developers and concurrently spearheading the efforts to ensure that end-users can enjoy a barrier-free, cross-platform metaverse experience.

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