VeChain partners with Verida Health for decentralized solution in health care

  • The Australian company Verida Health uses VeChainThor blockchain to give patients control over their health data.
  • The technology of VeChain guarantees the forgery-proof storage of the highly sensitive information of each patient.

Verida Health is an Australian-based company that was looking for a transparent and reliable solution to manage the health data of its patients. The VeChainThor blockchain provided by VeChain meets exactly these requirements, so both companies have entered into a partnership.

In Australia, according to Verida Health, there is a growing demand for forgery-proof health data, as there have been several cases of fraud in the past. It is important that patients have complete control over their data and can decide for themselves with which persons or institutions they share information.

Verida is a decentralized open source platform that offers complete solutions for companies in the healthcare sector. Verida also offers, among other things, a decentralized electronic patient record (EMR), which enables hospital staff to manage patient health data easily and reliably.

The data is encrypted using blockchain and patients can decide for themselves whether the doctor or a nurse should have access to their health data. The blockchain records everything and stores the data in a tamper-proof manner. In addition, there is a partition “COVID-19 Verifiable Credentials”, developed in the wake of the current pandemic, where all information on the coronavirus and the patient is stored.

New health platform in planning

According to founder and CEO Chris Were, Verida Health plans to create a decentralized healthcare platform that will focus on the coronavirus. The platform will provide anonymous location tracking, contact tracking, and analyzable data that will be shared with relevant authorities. A decentralized ID (DID) will be used, which is linked to a digital ID of the respective persons. This is to ensure that patients retain complete control over their data and that no unauthorized person can gain access to sensitive data.

Recently VeChain was able to win pharmaceutical giant Bayer for a partnership to develop a traceability solution for clinical studies under the name “Csecure”. The new platform is designed to improve the management of drug supply in clinical trials. The aim is not only to increase transparency, but also to document the efficacy of the drugs in a decentralized and tamper-proof manner.

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