VeChain partners with chinese government to develop health plattform to fight COVID-19

  • Hubei provincial government will build a platform for a global health system based on VeChain.
  • VeChain partner, DNV GL, signs cooperation with Chinese companies to implement risk control solutions.

During the last week an economic cooperation conference has been held in Hubei province, China. Important entities and companies from the Asian country, representatives of European governments, and representatives of the Chinese government have met. The priority of the conference was the pandemic and the post-Covid-19 world. VeChain will play a key role in that future.

A delegation from the Huabei Province government, led by the Region’s Vice Governor, Zhao Haishan, met with executives from VeChain and its partner DNV GL as part of the conference. In the meeting, they discussed the use of digital tools to build a strong public health system that, as VeChain Technology noted, will contribute to post-pandemic economic stimulation.

The Vice Governor of Hubei Province highlighted the importance of company initiatives to develop prevention and control tools in the pandemic. In that sense, he indicated that the measures should be an intrinsic part of the public health system.

Haishan believes that supply chain traceability solutions and “a closed-loop of public information” are the key to the public health system of the future. VeChain’s partner, DNV GL, proposed to implement a risk management standard, data and application measures developed by “international health experts” and certified by VeChain’s blockchain through a self-risk management platform. Kang Wenyu, senior vice president of DNG GL Group said:

The prevention and control of the epidemic requires the coordinated management of people, goods, and yards. At present, there is already a health code for personnel management. There is an urgent need to establish a health code for goods and yards. Standardized and digital management tools can efficiently establish a complete public health system. Under the guidance of the government, through multi-party governance, epidemic prevention and control can be achieve.

VeChain CEO Sunny Lu said the blockchain company will drive the risk management and supply chain traceability platform. According to Lu, VeChain will be vital in post-Covid China19:

The new environment requires an innovative management model. VeChain’s blockchain technology can ensure the transparency, security, and credibility of all critical information, increase the cost of data fraud to infinitely high, and minimize the cost of supervision.

DNV GL and VeChain win new partners

At the conference, new enterprise-level partnerships were also consolidated to use the coronavirus risk management solution (Covid-19) developed by VeChain and DNV GL. The latter company has signed a cooperation memorandum with 4 major Chinese partners: Hankou North Import and Export Service Co., Ltd., Hubei Shendi Agricultural Science and Trade Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fosun High-Tech (Group) Co.

The partners will use the solutions and methods developed by DNV GL with VeChain to manage risk, control security in the food supply chain and hotel services. DNV GL Healthcare China CEO Bo Huijie said:

These four companies basically have one common feature, that is, they are very interested in digital management. Then, combined with the standardized methods that DNV GL has achieved in the medical industry for many years, they can achieve more efficient risk control and build confidence in development. It is also an urgent need for enterprises now and in the future. The objective data is extracted and uploaded to the blockchain system through the data of sensors and the Internet of Things.

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