VeChain partners with Chinese-French cosmetics firm Yizhiji

  • Yizhiji, a Sino-French cosmetics brand will use the VeChain blockchain to authenticate cosmetic items. 
  • The first product will be a lipstick equipped with an NFC smart tag to access the stored data on VeChainThor.

The VeChain Foundation has announced a new partnership with Chinese-French startup Yizhiji. Under the collaboration, the partners have set out to help “build a vertical digital brand” in China by “empowering” consumers with a new product backed by blockchain technology. The VeChain Foundation stated via its Twitter handle:

At VeChain, we focus on unleashing the power of blockchain in the real economy. Discover how Yizhiji, the Chinese-French cosmetics brand, uses VeChain blockchain to authenticate items and create a unique connection between owner, brand and product.

Yizhiji’s first product, which will launch in the first quarter of 2021 with a program on Chinese chat and payment processing app WeChat, will be a lipstick equipped with an NFC smart tag that serves as an access gateway to data stored on the VeChainThor blockchain.

Yizhiji was founded by Laurent Taisne, a C-level executive with a long career at global cosmetics leader L’Oréal. The company aims to “change the rules of the industry” and involve the consumer in the process. For this reason, Taisne has chosen VeChain as one of the key partners to drive this change.

VeChain as a driver for change in the cosmetics industry

With a “contemporary” design made from sustainable materials, Yizhiji’s product will allow consumers to choose their shades, skin tones, lip tones, color families and other customized consumer features via WeChat. Using VeChain technology, the product will be able to store consumers’ “life stories.”

Messages such as videos, audios or photos can be linked with NFC for “yourself or someone you like,” according to the startup’s founder. Then, users can simply tap their smartphone to scan the chip and access the encrypted message embedded in the VeChainThor blockchain, as Taisne added:

What makes this lipstick unique is that you can record a message, a meaningful message (…) all those (memorable files) will be accessible and encapsulated in the lipstick forever. VeChain’s blockchain allows us to authenticate the date and ownership of the message encapsulated in this new object. The value is in what you put inside.

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