Upgrading services, 50+ popular financial assets and lowest trading fees are now available in Dsdaq

As the world’s first crypto exchange focusing on crypto collateral trading, Dsdaq has attracted the attention of tens of thousands crypto traders because of its unique function of trading global markets with cryptocurrencies. Recently Dsdaq has made breakthroughs in many areas, including expanding more than 50 new financial assets and adjusting to provide the lowest trading fee on the market for all Dsdaq users.

More Opportunities with 50+ New Asian and European Stocks

Helping traders access global markets freely remains a priority here at Dsdaq. In the latest version of Dsdaq, the team has selected and listed 10 new Defi trading pairs, 10 indices and 36 new stocks.

Some of the hottest DeFi projects are added, such as UNI/USDT, YFI/USDT, YFII/USDT, etc, so that traders in the Dsdaq could get more choices to make profits in this exciting market. The adding of Australia 200, Germany 30, Hong Kong 50 and other indices helps to provide a broader access to the global markets. This improvement is another milestone in their continued effort to provide diversified investment instruments to global users.

Comparing with competitive trading platforms, Dsdaq does not focus separately on cryptos or traditional financial assets. By integrating crypto spot trading, crypto contract trading and the trading of gold, silver, oil, stocks, indices and futures with cryptos, Dsdaq breaks the barriers between crypto and traditional financial assets for crypto traders.

More information on new added assets , visit https://support.dsdaq.com/hc/en-us/articles/360049415792-Defi-tokens-European-Asian-stocks-indices-now-available-

Reduced Trading Fee Rate to all Dsdaq users

The latest big news for Dsdaq was the raising of a $1.5M angel round funding led by Efftronics Asia and famous Silicon Valley based venture capital DraperDragon Fund in April. 2020, which seems to give a strong support to the Dsdaq team to pursue their expectation of creating an easier environment for trading global markets with cryptos. Recently, Dsdaq team decided to adjust the overall trading fee rate for all users in the platform.

After the adjustment, the trading fee for stocks, indices, commodities, ETFs, forex will be 0%. The spot trading fee for all crypto trading pairs on Dsdaq will be 0.1%, and crypto contract trading fee will be 0.02% for the makers and 0.05% for takers.

“To make our platform safe, fast and easy for trading all the global assets with cryptos is always our pursue”, the spokesperson of Dsdaq Sara says, “All our work now is to provide more investment instruments and to lower trading costs.”

With the realization of zero commission for financial assets, we could expect that the connection between crypto and the traditional financial assets will be tighter.

Policies on trading fee rate is also available on Dsdaq App

About Dsdaq

Dsdaq is a pioneer global trading platform backed by international investors, board members and advisors. The founding team of Dsdaq consists of best-of-class professionals in finance engineering, risk control, software development, cybersecurity and high-frequency algorithmic trading.

Dsdaq App appears as world’s first trading app that allows users to trade 300+ popular conventional financial assets with leverages from 10X to 100X technology by using bitcoins.

Dsdaq is always committed to empower the new generation investors to take greater ownership in their financial future, with lower cost, higher efficiency and better experience.

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Website:  https://www.dsdaq.com/

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