Ubitquity partners with VeChain to power the global title industry

  • Ubitquity has announced a partnership with VeChain and will soon be launching a product on VeChainThor.
  • This comes just weeks after the company launched Aeroporia, a blockchain platform catering to the aviation industry on the Ethereum blockchain, with plans to integrate VeChain.

Ubitquity, a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform provider has partnered with VeChain. The company intends to launch new products and services on the VeChain blockchain targeting the global title industry.

Ubitquity shared more details via a blog post. Founder and CEO Nathan Wosnack expressed his optimism that the partnership will take both companies forward. He commented:

Ubitquity is proud to be working with such a well respected and forward-thinking company like VeChain who are at the forefront of enterprise adoption of blockchain technology. Ubitquity is going to implement a solution for its long-term customer,Rainier Title on the VeChainThor public blockchain using the BaaS platform called VeChain ToolChain™

Rainer Title was one of the first customers Ubitquity had. The two partnered in August last year, with the focus being on the use of blockchain in the real estate title and escrow services. Ubitquity provides a blockchain platform for issuing tokenized property titles for Rainier. These tokens allow Rainier clients to take advantage of fractionalized property ownership opportunities.

Wosnack believes that the partnership with VeChain will open up new opportunities for its clients, especially those in the real estate industry like Rainier. He remarked, “This is a historic moment for the real estate and title industry, and it is wonderful to have such a forward-thinking partner to develop and create this vision and dream with.”

Rainier is just as optimistic. CEO Bill Bergschneider said the partnership will put the firm “on the forefront of how Real Estate transactions need to flow.”

VeChain’s enterprise adoption continues

This is the latest partnership by VeChain as it continues to record increasing enterprise adoption. This year alone, dozens of companies have integrated the VeChain blockchain network as they seek to decentralize operations. They include Yizhiji, a French-Chinese cosmetics company; Norwegian aluminum behemoth Hydro; and leading US vape firm Puff Bar.

As CNF reported, VeChain is establishing itself as the “AWS of public blockchains”, as one report noted. The report stated that VeChain is doing for public blockchains what AWS did for software. ToolChain, its BaaS service, has played an important role, allowing ‘plug-and-play’ blockchain integration for businesses.

VeChain believes that its latest partnership with Ubitquity will be just as successful. “We see tremendous potential for Ubitquity’s BaaS API solutions being widely used and adopted for real-world use cases,” Jason Rockwood, the VeChain US general manager commented. He added:

The VeChain team is looking forward to working closely with the team in digital real estate, and is excited about their first client to use our technology which is Rainier Title. We believe our product is the premium choice to achieve business objectives, and strike the best balance of decentralized finance and stringent oversight. We will be restlessly seeking for more opportunities to add value to our ecosystem.

The results of the partnership may come sooner than expected for Ubitquity. As it revealed on Twitter, the company received massive traffic on its website once it announced the VeChain partnership.

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