Ubitquity launches aviation blockchain with plans to integrate VeChain

  • Aviation industry blockchain platform Aeroporia has been launched on Ethereum, with plans to integrate VeChain.
  • Companies using the platform will be able to create NFTs and improve registration processes.

Ubitquity has announced the launch of a new blockchain platform aimed at the aviation industry, called Aeroporia. This platform seeks to meet the needs of this industry in both the public and private sectors.

The company has partnered with municipalities, academia, real estate firms, and aviation companies for the deployment of Aeroporia. Initially, the platform is deployed on Ethereum, but the team wants to make it blockchain agnostic. As a result, they will integrate the VeChainThor blockchain and also with Proton Chain, one of the company’s initial partners.

Aeroporia’s NFT features and uses cases

Named after the Greek word for “Aviation”, companies using this platform will be able to create “parallel systems” based on the blockchain. Thus, they will be able to improve a company’s registration process and tokenize it. In addition, users will be able to create guaranteed securities, JSON-formatted body requests, among others.

A “Bill of Sale” will allow other data to be collected and tracked such as aircraft model, date of manufacture, maintenance, serial number. One of Ubitquity’s goals is to make the platform fully compatible with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) features by the end of 2021. A company release explains in more detail how Aeroporia uses and secures the collected data:

(…) the guarantees are stored, an additional tx_hash (transaction hash) field is returned and contains ID of relevant ETH (Ether) transactions. The Create a new Security Guarantee feature allows it to be automatically stored as a smart contract on the Ethereum network.

Aeroporia has been built on the Python programming language and uses a REST framework with a web3.py interface. The platform has support for Docker. Therefore, developers will be able to build, ship, and run distributed applications. Ubitquity Founder and CEO Nathan Wosnack stated:

The æroporia blockchain aviation platform’s RESTful API is able to integrate seamlessly into existing product stacks and workflows without adding additional steps which can be time consuming and costly. Ubitquity recently signed up as a Small Organizational Member of the Government Blockchain Association and we have plans to join their new Blockchain Aviation Working Group which aligns perfectly with the launch of æroporia.

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