Twitter’s Jack Dorsey reaffirms he’s still a Bitcoin Maxi after launch of NFT collection based on the Ethereum network

  • Twitter has released its NFT collection based on the Ethereum network, the collection is set to be given away for free.
  • Despite its launch on the Ethereum network, Jack Dorsey has reaffirmed his still a Bitcoin Maxi and has no interest in ETH investment.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has vowed allegiance to Bitcoin. Since joining the movement, not even Ethereum which is backed by profound technological breakthroughs has appealed to the Twitter CEO. Having made his stand clear, Dorsey has, however, supported some of the projects on the Ethereum network, and personally been involved in some. In March, the Bitcoin Maximalist sold his first-ever tweet as NFT for $2.9 million in Ethereum, though he clarified that the ETH proceeds were immediately converted to Bitcoin and given to charity.

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Yesterday, Twitter released its first collection of NFTs via the Ethereum network. The 140 Twitter NFTs represent a moving image of the company logo and will be given away for free. However, users can sell them on the Ethereum-based NFT marketplace, Rarible.

His NFT move created a positive sentiment among the Ethereum enthusiasts. One of the many Ethereum-fans identified as packanimalETH could not contain his excitement, tweeting that it is just a matter of time before Dorsey invested in Ethereum. However, the response from the Twitter CEO was disappointing. The CEO responded with a simple “No”.

Dorsey’s contradictory thought spotted in his NFT plan

At the Bitcoin conference in Miami last month, he re-emphasized his firm decision of making Bitcoin the currency for the internet. According to him, no other crypto matters, not even their associated networks. 

All of the other coins, for me, don’t factor in at all.

This comment has been somewhat contradictory. Barely a week ago, he spoke about investing in the Ethereum-based NFTs. 

The spirit of what NFTs represent, the spirit of just looking critically at how artists are compensated, and of proving that, is something that we want to spend a lot of time and a lot of our focus on going forward.

His digital payment company, Square has spent $220 million on Bitcoin in the past few years. He claims that his team is exploring how to use the blockchain to advance business. His Bitcoin maximalism ideology raises questions on how he will be able to decentralize Twitter with just the Bitcoin Blockchain and an initiative called Blue Sky. Going back and forth with his idea was spotted by Adam Cochran, a partner at venture capital firm Cinneamhain Ventures: 

Jack still being a BTC maxi while Twitter prints Ethereum based NFTs on Rariblecom. With this level of mental gymnastics, I’m surprised he won’t be representing the US at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo this year…

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