Twitter tipping in DOGE? Dogecoin founder starts a one-man rally as Twitter launches Ethereum tipping

  • Billy Markus wants Twiter to integrate DOGE for tipping after the social media platform recently added Ethereum to its tipping options after Bitcoin.
  • Markus says he will be rallying the Twitter team on his own every day until they accept DOGE, which he claims is more suited for tipping than ETH and BTC.

Should Twitter integrate DOGE as a tipping option after Bitcoin and Ethereum? Dogecoin founder Billy Markus believes that this is a no-brainer, claiming that DOGE is more suited for tipping than BTC and ETH. Markus pledged to start a one-man rally online and keep at it until the powers that be at Twitter integrate the king of memecoins.

Twitter is usually ground zero for crypto-related conversations, with the cryptoverse taking to the social media platform to share thoughts, predictions, analysis and even have a laugh. Therefore, it wasn’t a surprise when BTC maximalist and then-CEO Jack Dorsey introduced Bitcoin tipping.

Then Dorsey left and Parag Agrawal took over. Unlike his predecessor, Parag isn’t a BTC maximalist and this was seen when Twitter introduced Ethereum tipping yesterday, February 16.

As a Twitter spokesperson told TechCrunch, the company sees similarities between its platform and crypto, not least their global appeal.

Like Twitter, digital currencies operate without global barriers. We’re excited to incorporate Ethereum in addition to Bitcoin payment in Tips, enabling more people to participate in the digital economy with as little friction as possible.

When DOGE?

And as with any other development in the crypto space, everyone plugs their coin as the best alternative to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Markus, who together with Jackson Palmer founded Dogecoin in 2013, is no different. He took to Twitter to make the case for DOGE tipping.

Andy Dufrense is the iconic character from the critically acclaimed movie The Shawshank Redemption, played by award-winning actor Tim Robbins. He is known for being ever hopeful while serving time in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and is often cited as an icon of hope.

Earlier, Markus had made the case for Dogecoin, while commending Ethereum for the achievement.

Glad to see we have ETH on the Twitter tip jar. can we have DOGE, please? I very strongly believe it would be the most used due to the low fees and the dogecoin community ethos.

Markus isn’t wrong. DOGE is much cheaper to transact compared to BTC and ETH. DOGE fees have generally stayed below $0.5 for the past year and were negligible before that. BTC has spent most of this year above $2 in average fees, hitting $60 at one point last year. ETH, on its part, easily beats the two, with its fees averaging $30 this year as DeFi and NFTs lead to a spike in usage of its blockchain network.

In December, Elon Musk made a similar argument for DOGE.

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