TRON will announce a “Megacorperation” next week

  • TRON’s founder, Justin Sun, announced on Twitter that his company will be collaborating next week with a $100 billion company.
  • In the context of the current upward trend of the cryptographic market as a whole, TRON has recorded a price increase of more than 10%.

The founder of TRON is known for his aggressive marketing on Twitter and other social networks. TRON (TRX) and the BitTorrent token have benefited greatly from this in the past, as it has mostly triggered a hype among investors, which has subsequently led to a short-term price increase. The next collaboration is expected to be publicly announced next week and will set a new milestone for TRON.

Partnership with 100 billion dollar companies

On Twitter, Sun announced that TRON would enter into a cooperation with a global company. On the one hand, this is said to be worth several billion USD. On the other hand, all TRC10&20 tokens will benefit from the cooperation in addition to TRX. Furthermore, the cooperation is intended to ensure a broad adaptation of TRON’s decentralized applications.

The community is currently trying to guess which company it might be. Some TRON members are guessing Samsung because a collaboration could integrate TRON’s dApps into millions of smartphones and make them accessible to a huge audience.

Rumor has it that Sun has also been seen at Circle’s headquarters as it has just separated from the Poloniex crypto currency exchange. As we reported earlier, Poloniex will now go their own way and receive financial support from Asian investors. However, in order to clear up all the rumours, Sun announced on Twitter that he was not currently interested in buying the stock exchange.

Sun publicly praised China’s President Xi Jinping on Twitter, who announced a new policy on Thursday. It will support domestic blockchain-based platforms to transform a range of industries from finance to food safety to education through the use of blockchain technology. Sun wrote about this:

As the leading global #blockchain protocol originally developed by the Chinese, TRON is thrilled that President Xi endorsed us to seize the opportunity of blockchain. #TRON & #BitTorrent will continue partnering w/ conglomerate giants in China.

So far, there are no reliable indications as to which company might be involved.

TRX price rises by more than 10 percent

In line with the current trend in the crypto market, TRX also recorded a price increase of 12.5% to USD 0.01774.

The reasons for the sudden comeback of the bulls can only be speculated about at the moment.

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