TRON: MPC Torch project will be the privacy protocol for the Internet

  • TRON’s MPC Torch project is set to become the privacy protocol for the Internet of the future, according to Justin Sun.
  • Many critics, however, do not give the project much chance of success due to the extremely ambitious nature of the project.

TRON‘s CEO, Justin Sun, has unveiled a new project for the ecosystem. It will be called MPC Torch and is designed to become the privacy protocol for the Internet. According to the official GitHub website, more than 20 developers are currently working on the project. MPC Torch will be based on zk-SNARKS (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) technology and is expected to “redesign the Internet” according to Sun.

The MPC Torch project is part of the TRONZ privacy protocol, which was announced last month. MPC, or multi-party computing, is a privacy-conscious technology that helps parties perform joint calculations with private input. The inputs do not have to be disclosed to each other, which creates the highest level of data security.

Justin Sun has already promoted the project several times and emphasized the importance of the project:

TRON’s MPC Torch Project seeks to utilize zk-SNARKS-based anonymity to reshape the Internet. The ultimate goal for TRONZ is to improve the security and credibility of the Setup and provide a set of fair and reliable parameters for the entire humanity.

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In honour of pioneers in privacy protocol, TRONZ Foundation is giving 100 U.S. dollars to privacy protocol foundations. Ultimately, individuals power the collective—MPC Torch Project will be contributed to the entire humanity for free!

To participate in the project, interested individuals must send an email to and introduce themselves. If the application is accepted, the necessary resources will be made available.

Doubts and criticism about the project

The project is extremely ambitious, which is why there are many critics in the crypto community. Whether Sun and the Tron Foundation will succeed in establishing a data protection protocol for the Internet appears to be an extreme huge task, especially since there are standards and committees such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Within the crypto community, Justin Sun also has a reputation for not keeping bold promises. Both the acquisitions of BitTorrent and DLive have proven to be disappointing. Neither BitTorrent nor DLive have yet been able to initiate a massive increase in TRON user numbers.

TRON recently replaced EOS as the second largest platform for dApps. However, the majority of the transaction volume is based on gambling dApps, which is why a report by DappReview also described TRON as the “Las Vegas on the blockchain”. In contrast, the much-coveted projects BitTorrent and DLive have not yet achieved any noticeable success. Also Sun’s investment in the crypto exchange Bitfinex and the listing of all TRC20 and TRC10 tokens have only achieved a short-term effect.

All in all, a success could undoubtedly mean a big upswing for TRON. However, the chances of success seem rather low. Nevertheless, only the future will be able to show if Sun will be successful with MPC Torch after all.

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