TRON gives away more than 50 million TRX

  • The TRON Foundation will donate more than 50 million TRX to Super Representatives for their successful work.
  • Furthermore the Sun Network Developer Challenge will start soon.

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, is known for his aggressive marketing on Twitter and other social networks. TRON has continued to expand in recent days and weeks and has formed numerous new partnerships, including with the Coingaming Group. In order to further the development, the foundation thanks the community with a giveaway.

TRON gives away 50 million TRX

As we have already reported, TRON has changed the Staking Reward regime by adopting proposal No 27. The SR block reward increased to 16 TRX and the blocktaking reward for the first 127 SRs (Super Representatives) increased to 160 TRX. This step was introduced to increase participation in the TRON network.

The TRON Foundation states in its latest blog post that a total of 50 million TRX (approx. 950,000 USD) are to be donated to SRs. TRON would like to thank the community for their commitment and encourage them to continue contributing to the growth of the TRON ecosystem.

The SR will receive its share of the rewards in proportion to the SR blocks as a percentage of the blocks generated by all participating SRs since the Genesis block. SRs must submit their applications through the Google Sheet on the page linked above. Deadline is November 30, 2019.

TRON hosts Blockchain developer conference

TRON wants to bring together developers, technology enthusiasts, companies and other organizations of the blockchain and fintech industry to exchange innovations and gain helpful insights for the TRON blockchain. Registration to participate in the event will be open in four days and will last until December 15th.

Everyone is entitled to participate in the competition, regardless of age, industry and previous experience. All programming languages are accepted, but TRON only accepts entries in Mandarin and English. Above all, innovative dApps are to be developed that provide TRON with decisive added value.

The prize money for the first three places is 5,000 USDT, 3,000 USDT and 1,000 USDT respectively. There will be a small reward of 100 USDT for each of the other twenty winners. The winners will be announced by mid-March next year. TRON hopes to receive further valuable contributions from the community.

The moreover there are the following further updates in the TRON network:

  • TRX is now available on the Bitribeofficial exchange
  • TRX can also be traded on the Poloniex Exchange
  • TRX was added to the exchange Coinbene
  • TRX can also be deposited on and, through a partnership with Coingaming Group

The price of TRX has continued to move sideways (+ 1.51%) over the last 24 hours to a price of USD 0.0191.

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