TRON enters into partnership with KuCoin supported mining pool

  • The TRON Foundation confirmed yesterday that it has entered into a cooperation with the mining pool “Pool-X”.
  • Pool-X is a PoS mining pool within TRON’s TRC20 protocols, founded by KuCoin.
  • TRON will also launch a dApp developer challenge on December 15th, in which anyone can participate.

On 02 December 2019, the TRON Foundation announced that it had entered into a partnership with the Pool-X mining pool incubated by KuCoin. Pool-X is a PoS mining pool within the TRC20 protocols that refers to itself as the next generation mining pool. The pool enables the blocking of crypto transactions and is financially supported by KuCoin.

Pool-X has set itself the goal of stimulating the future development of the PoS ecosystem. The mining pool offers various services such as node integration, development of operational solutions and liquidity trading. Pool-X also has a similar vision to Tron, so the cooperation will help both projects. TRON explains:

#TRON‘s mission is to be the underlying architecture for dApps, and therefore building a truly decentralized internet, which is consistent with the vision of Pool-X.

Pool-X has developed the Proof-of-Liquidity (POL). This allows users to receive POL credit in return for blocking their TRC20-USDT tokens on the platform. KuCoin explains in more detail:

POL (Proof Of Liquidity) serves the role of credits for Pool-X, helping to record the flow of liquidity certificates and working as the payment method for liquidity bids. Ultimately, POL was created to cope with the inadequate liquidity of staked crypto assets. Due to their nature, zero reservations of POL are to be provided to the team or any individual upfront.

TRON launches dApp developer challenge

The TRON Foundation has announced a few hours ago that it will be holding a dApp Challenge based on the SUN Network Dappchain. All developers, technology enthusiasts, companies and organizations from the blockchain industry are invited to participate and exchange experiences.

Through these events TRON hopes to meet talented teams and individuals who will participate in the further development of the DApp ecosystem and drive progress through innovation. Excellent dApps will then be actively promoted via the TronLink and DappReview platforms.

In order to take part in the challenge, all interested parties should send an e-mail to with further information about the team, the project and contact details.

According to DappReview data, ETH and EOS have about 100,000 active dApp users, whereas TRON has more than 200,000 users (according to DappReview). The dApp ecosystem is thus recording steady growth and increasing popularity.

TRON caused a sensation when the tech giant Samsung announced that TRX will be included in the Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK and can be managed on the new Galaxy S11. TRX’s price has been moving sideways for the last 24 hours (+0.12%) and is at USD 0.01542 at the time of writing.

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