Want more trading profits? Then get efficient & stop these 3 things:

Want to build a profitable trading account that will stand the test of time?

Then take a moment to learn from the mistakes and successes of some of our ancient ancestors.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat itGeorge Santayana

Technological breakthroughs have given birth to some of the most advanced civilizations ever seen on Earth, but history has also shown us that even the mightiest empires will crumble when outside pressures overpower the efficiency of the people within.

The Mayans didn’t know how to HODL

It only took 100 years for all ancient Mayan civilizations to completely die out. Her 40+ cities that flourished with art and literature for 7 centuries were suddenly abandoned. So how did such a successful empire end so suddenly? Well, they lacked efficiency.

Specifically, the Mayans weren’t efficient enough at farming. Over-cultivation, a rising population and no preparation for droughts led to widespread starvation, causing many to die and the survivors to flee. Perhaps HODL’ing a few more grains & seeds would’ve helped?

Stick with me because the same principle applies to all of us crypto traders. It’s something like: If you aren’t efficient enough at trading, then your profitability disappears and you’ll end up abandoning trading altogether.

No wonder sites like Cointelegraph believe that 95% of traders will lose more money than they earn during their entire time trading – It’s because most traders just aren’t efficient enough!

Are you trading inefficiently? The top 3 costly crypto mistakes:

  1. Wasting precious time researching which coins to trade with no guarantee you’ll be right. Time is something you can never get back…
  2. Being emotional. If you catch yourself staring endlessly at price charts and watching your coins go up and down in value then be warned… as it’s the #1 cause for costly emotional mistakes!
  3. Bringing a knife to a gunfight. Whales and market makers want to eat you alive and they have the big guns to get that particular job done. If you are making trades without really understanding what’s going on, then you’ll get chewed up and spat back out on the street holding nothing but worthless bags of coins…

So, how can you make more efficient & profitable trades?

Smile, it’s not all doom and gloom!

The inverse (opposite) is also true: If you are efficient at trading then your profitability will increase and you’ll stay in the crypto game for as long as you’d like. How so? Read this:

Ancient Angkorians from the Khmer Empire developed highly efficient water systems that stored and distributed water to farmlands and settlements. This advanced water technology gave the Khmer Empire unrivaled economic and demographic growth for centuries.

Eventually, this allowed them to not only break free from oppression but to go on to dominate their competition on all sides and build some of the most awe-inspiring cities in the world.

Image of Angkor’s hydraulic engineering from camerotaincambodia.com

So, by leveraging smart technology you can make trading easier, faster and more profitable – Just like the Khmer empire did with their water supply! 

In the name of efficiency (Hail King of Angkor), we developed ProfitFarmers as the modern man’s way to get into profitable crypto trading without losing your mind and all of your time in the process.

If only the Mayans could see how far we’ve come at farming (profits, that is. Farming profits. ProfitFarmersaha! get it now?)

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How trading with technology is more efficient and profitable:

  • Instantly find high-probability trade plans: No more wasting your time wondering what’s profitable, just pick n’ click from our signals with a proven 78% historic win-rate


You get signals for both Binance futures and spot markets, so whatever your style there’s a high-probability trade waiting for you to make!

  • No more emotional mistakes, make your trades work for YOU: Quit the constant chart checking that leads to those costly emotional mistakes! Use our signal copy-trading technology to set up your entire trade plan from entry to exit through Binance. 

Now you can make it easy for yourself to stick to the plan! Let our system stare at the charts, track prices and activate your trade orders when you’re not around. 

  • Beat the market with access to expert insight: There’s no need to trade like a blind fool, read our member-exclusive market updates to help yourself decide what trade types, coins and even long-term strategies will keep you profitable in this volatile market.

Our WRX call making 100% gains right after the market had dumped.

Our last major market update accurately predicted the big dump that just happened, and if you’d followed our buy-the-dip shopping list, you could’ve made 50-100% gains on several coins while the rest of the market was bleeding out.

Celebrating Hard(Ly) Working Traders With $100 Off For Labour Day!

Efficiency is what gave way to the most powerful of empires. A lack of efficiency is what brought many other civilizations down. 

Efficiency is how you’ll beat the brutal crypto competition and rip profits out of the markets. A lack of efficiency is how you’ll end up as part of the 95% of traders losing money.

To celebrate labour day, we’re offering a $100 discount for all crypto traders who want to work less and earn more through the powerful principle of efficiency (and our awesome platform too, of course).

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