TradeSanta explains benefits to use multiple exchanges

In the world of crypto-trading bots, there are thousands of different vendors that all promise to turn investors into millionaires within a short period of time. There is a cloud-based crypto-trading bot that makes it possible to use several exchanges at the same time. Multiple accounts of different exchanges can be used in one place.

The CEO and other TradeSanta executives agree that access to different exchanges offers a clear advantage for the ordinary trader. The investor can access a wide range of trading pairs, can compare several metrics and even benefit from the different prices of cryptocurrencies through arbitrage.

TradeSanta has developed a solution with an intuitive API where one login is enough to control and acess several exchanges. The company uses a cloud-based software that connects all accounts, while maintaining the highest security standards to keep all balances secure.

How to set up your trading bot in 2 minutes

In the first step, all exchanges will be connected to the API. Immediately afterwards, the trading bot can be set up in just two minutes. Important here is which currency pair the bot should trade with.

Once this step has been successfully completed, long and short positions can now be defined and a trading strategy developed. Trading signals can be defined for both bull and bear markets. It is also important that take-profit targets are defined in order to optimally hedge the capital invested. The trading bid will automatically close positions when certain price levels are reached. If the market conditions are suitable, the bot will also open a new position, all completely automatically. In the backend you can set whether the trader wants to make manual adjustments or whether the bot should trade automatically.

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The crypto market is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it impossible to fully monitor and react to all market movements. At this point TradeSanta can take over the work and successfully increase the invested capital according to predefined parameters. Only if the market is monitored around the clock can the best possible trading results be achieved.

TradeSanta automatically generates reports on the performance of the bot, so that it is always possible to see exactly what decisions the bot has made. It is also possible to receive telegram notifications to warn the trader of an imminent risk or opportunity.

One million successful transactions

The latest data from TradeSanta shows that the demand for this innovative platform is constantly growing. To date, more than one million transactions have been completed using the software and more than 14,500 trading bots are active at the time of writing. The software is available on the Internet as well as an app for Android and iOS devices. The community has a total of more than 36,500 active users.

TradeSanta has designed a clear pricing structure so that every trader can find the package that suits him or her best. Already in the free version the user gets access to all preset trading strategies, an unlimited number of trading pairs and can use up to 2 trading offers at the same time. If more trading bits are needed, users can easily and flexibly upgrade.

The company has clients from all over the world and has responded to the demand from other countries such as Turkey and Brazil and has translated its software. TradeSanta’s executives further state that this is a response to the locally increasing demand in these regions. Internal data shows a strong inflow of users from these two countries.

TradeSanta is available on the world’s largest crypto exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, Upbit, HitBTC, Bitfinex and Bittrex. Work is currently underway on a further connection to the BitMex and OKEx exchanges.

Further information on the innovative trading bot TradeSanta can be found here.

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