Traders Predict This New Coin Could 50x by Christmas

Crypto analysts and traders are predicting new intelligence platform Dash 2 Trade could make 50x gains before Christmas after its presale raised $3 million in a week.

The new platform, which is drawing huge buzz and attention during its presale, wants to help crypto traders and investors make more well-informed decisions on their holdings and maximize their profit potential.

Dash 2 Trade to 50x by Christmas?

Making 50x gains – or 5,000% – is the kind of return investors and speculators dream of when buying into a project.

Dash 2 Trade appears exactly the kind of fast-growing cryptocurrency protocol that has a strong use case and robust tokenomics that can do it.

First of all, with stage 1 tokens sold at $0.0467, a 50x would need to see D2T tokens sell for $2.33 each.

Dash 2 Trade has only a small supply of 1 billion tokens, meaning a $1 billion market cap would equal a $1 token, and so on.

For the protocol to reach 50x, it would need a market cap above $2.33 billion – similar to Top 30 coins such as NEAR, Algorand, Toncoin, and Quant.

Crypto projects can grow exponentially fast and with Dash 2 Trade already selling out its presale in rapid time. 

By the time the presale is finished, there will be even more attention on the project, and when it hits centralized exchanges there will be swathers of investors ready to jump on board.

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Dash 2 Trade – Project Overview

Dash 2 Trade is gathering huge interest because of, more than any other factor, the potential of its protocol.

The analytics dashboard aims to help crypto investors and traders work smarter with their holdings.

Dash 2 Trade Tools for Traders

The protocol will use a range of insights, metrics, data points, and tools to help its users.

There will be crypto trading signals that will highlight buying and selling opportunities in the market.

Dash 2 Trade will also track social sentiment on websites such as Twitter and Reddit and analyze swathers of on-chain data to spot trends early and allow users to take advantage of them.

For traders, there will be tools to help better optimize their trading strategies.

They include all the regular measures as well as a back-tester that mirrors live market conditions to test strategies in real-time and see the results without risking capital.

There will also be an automated trading API, while traders can access members-only Discord groups to discuss insights and techniques.

Traders will also be able to access a risk profiler that introduces them to the psychology behind trading and help them make better and more consistent trades. 

There will also be trading competitions where users can win a split of a prize pool.

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Dash 2 Trade Tools for Investors

For non-traders, there are also tools to help them maximize their investments. Dash 2 Trade is developing a bespoke scoreboard for the new crypto presale projects. 

Offering a score out of 100, the scoreboard will look at a range of metrics – including the credentials of the developers, safety of the contract, and general tokenomics – to rank new cryptocurrency projects.

Investors will also be alerted to new and upcoming coin listings and initial exchange offerings to be in the best position when high-potential tokens are released.

D2T Token Utility

The native D2T token powers the Dash 2 Trade protocol by providing users access, via a three-tiered monthly subscription model, as well as being a fully tradeable ERC-20 standard token.

The three subscription tiers are as follows:

  • Free: Users have access to the market data terminal, offering tier-one pricing information, but only limited access to other tools and insights.
  • Starter (400 D2T per month): Starter subscribers have access to advanced on-chain data and basic insights into some – but not all – new crypto presales. There is also access to automated trading tools and a members-only Discord for discussion.
  • Premium (1,000 D2T per month and 20% annual discount): Premium subscribers have access to all Dash 2 Trade features, including all tools, metrics, and insights, full on-chain data, pro-grade market indicators, and whale wallet alerts.

Dash 2 Trade Presale Info

Dash 2 Trade is currently in stage 2 of its presale, with tokens on sale at $0.05 each.

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There will be nine stages in total with 700 million coins – 70% of the total token allocation – on sale with a hard cap of $40 million.

The first 35 million tokens sold in stage 1 sold for $0.0476 each and by the ninth and final stage, tokens will sell for $0.0662 each – an increase of 39%.

The increase means that while $100 returned 2,100 D2T tokens in phase 1, that will be reduced to just 1,510 in phase 9.

With 70% of tokens – which are taxless and have no vesting period after the presale – available, the remaining 30% are divided into different areas for the future growth of the project.

Another 150 million (15%) will be reserved for development, 5 million (5%) for liquidity, 5 million (5%) for the competition pool, and the final 5 million (5%) for talent acquisition.

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Dash 2 Trade Team

The Dash2 Trade founders are experienced traders who have already developed a highly successful forex and crypto trading platform, Learn2Trade.

That platform, aimed at beginners, has more than 70,000 global users and is rated highly on the highly-trusted review website TrustPilot.

The team, which is fully doxxed and public-facing, has also taken several other steps to ensure investor confidence.

They have been Know Your Customer (KYC)-verified by CoinSniper, while the D2T token’s smart contract has been fully audited by SolidProof, making it scam and rug-proof.

While 70% of tokens will be sold in presale, the remaining tokens will be spent on various areas to ensure the future success of the project – 15% of tokens will be reserved for development, 5% for talent acquisition, 5% for liquidity and the final 5% for the competitions pool.

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Buying D2T Tokens – Step-by-Step Guide

Below, we’ve summarized exactly how to buy Dash 2 Trade tokens during the presale

Step 1: Create Crypto Wallet

The first thing investors need is a crypto wallet to connect to the presale website and eventually store their tokens.

Create one using a well-known source such as MetaMask – best on desktop – or Trust Wallet – best on mobile. Then head to the Dash 2 Trade website and click ‘Connect’.

Step 2: Buy Ethereum or USDT

As an ERC-20 asset, D2T can be purchased using either Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). 

Most regulated brokers and exchanges offer the assets, which can then be transferred to the crypto wallet.

Beginners may find it easier, however, to buy ETH directly from the Dash 2 Trade website.

In that case, after connecting the wallet press ‘Buy ETH with Card’ and follow the instructions to buy with a debit or credit card – this is done on the third-party app Transak.

Note that you will be charged an Ethereum transaction (gas) fee, while your later purchase of D2T will also carry a gas fee.

Step 3: Purchase D2T Tokens

Finally, return to the Dash 2 Trade website and select ‘Buy with ETH’ or ‘Buy with USDT’.

Input the number of D2T tokens you wish to purchase, and follow the instructions to complete the transaction – again, note that a gas fee will be applied before it is complete.

When the transaction is complete, click ‘Finish’ when prompted. D2T tokens will then be stored on the presale website until all presale stages are complete.

Claiming details will be provided at a later date by the project, but there is no vesting period for presale tokens.

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