Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to watch out for after the current crypto slump

Cryptocurrency is one of the most popular investments in recent times. Although, the recent crypto slump left many buyers wondering whether investing their money in cryptocurrencies will be a good decision or not. While blockchain tech continues to be adopted across industries, including in casinos like, the crypto industry has seen a terrible year till now.

There is no clear answer to how the industry will shake out in the coming years, but some coins will no doubt perform better than others. So, let’s try to analyze the top 5 cryptocurrencies to trade in 2022 after crashing the crypto market.

What are the five best cryptos to look for in 2022 during the crash?

Take a quick look at the best cryptocurrencies to purchase, why you should buy them and how to get the best out of this market slump.


It is the best one to buy during the crash, which offers TamaDoge (TAMA) tokens and TamaDoge pets. The gameplay on this site calculates in ‘Dogepoints, take you up the leaderboard, and rewards you with TAMA tokens based upon your performance. By this, you can earn in-game assets like food or new pets.

This platform uses augmented reality (AR) apps, and its future partnership with the external metaverse environments extends the uses of petNFTs. Moreover, stringent security measures and no-tax transactions will add more value of it to this competitive market.

Crypto Snack

It is the second on our list that is one of the fast-growing DEX iGaming tokens launched on the Binance Smart Chain. With Crypto Snack, it is easy to make transactions in the cheapest and fastest way. Snack token splits into three brands—Snack Token, Snack Gaming, and Green Snack.

It is listed under Coinpaid payment solutions and is a currency accepted by nearly 800 online business platforms and other websites. Undoubtedly, this platform has the highest growth potential this year. Thanks to the increasing popularity of the iGaming industry after the pandemic.

Battle Infinity

Battle infinity is one of the most popular gaming tokens to buy after this crypto crash. It offers a decentralized project for the users to participate in play-to-earn (P2E) through blockchain technology.

The main feature of it is a Battle Arena. It is a metaverse platform that allows users to enjoy their game in a virtual ecosystem and win rewards via IBAT utility token. Moreover, it offers IBAT Premier League—the world’s first NFT-based and decentralized sports game.


It is an open-sourced and permissionless blockchain that will offer a global payment network for financial institutions and banks. XRP network can provide 1500 transactions per second. And it will take only 5 seconds for a single transaction to complete.

It has been around the market since 2012. After the availability of the blockchain for cross-country payments, this platform collaborated with large banks like Bank of America and Santander.

Lucky Block

Last but not least, Lucky Block is another best option to invest in after the crypto slump. It is an NFT-based platform where the players can join the weekly prizes or even get access to the Platinum RollerNFT.

Wrapping up

There is no doubt that 2022 has been a troublesome year for digital currencies. Some most famous cryptos have faced a tremendous blow due to the massive decline in the stock market. However, some will definitely come out of this and perform better.


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