These 3 incoming Ethereum DeFi airdrops will be the biggest in history

  • A popular cryptocurrency analyst has revealed the 3 incoming airdrops that he believes investors must keep an eye on.
  • The three – dYdX, Honey Badger and Sora Network – could be the biggest airdrops in history.

Three upcoming airdrops will be the biggest in history, a popular cryptocurrency analyst and YouTuber has revealed. In a recent live stream, Tyler Swope, better known as Chico Crypto, revealed the three airdrops and what users can do to be eligible.

The first is Honey Badger Hunt, a DeFi ecosystem whose aim is to build products that help accelerate Bitcoin in the DeFi sector. As the project behind it Badger DAO revealed in a September post, it’s rewarding community members who share in their values with the airdrop. These values are supporting public goods, using BTC as collateral for financial services and engaging in decentralized finance.

At the launch of the $BADGER governance token, the project is airdropping 10% of the token supply. To qualify, a user had to take part in one of the following: participated in SUSHI governance, supplied or borrowed wBTC on Compound, deposited or borrowed wBTC on Aave, mined renBTC or wBTC, participated in governance, donated to Gitcoin and a host of other actions. Chico Crypto remarked:

A large majority of us in here can claim this airdrop. I claimed it because I did one of the actions. And the more actions you do the more you get.

The $BADGER airdrop is already ongoing.

Bigger than the $610M Uniswap airdrop

Chico Crypto also highlighted the Sora Network’s airdrop of VAL tokens. The decentralized autonomous economy announced on Twitter yesterday that it had released the VAL token and that $SORA farming was live.

As per a Sora XOR project blog post, all ERC-20 Sora tokens will be moving over to the SORA V2 mainnet. This will take place between this month and February next year. It further revealed that 94.57 VAL tokens will be airdropped per XOR to ERC-20 XOR holders during the first year of the SORA V2 network.

This makes me think the airdrop coming soon to you guys. They have a Sora validator pool, a validator and ETH pool and a Sora and ETH farming pool. Why would they have two validator pools if most people within their ecosystem don’t have them?

Swope further revealed that the VAL token’s value is currently at $4.

The third major airdrop to keep tabs on is dYdX, the analyst stated. dYdx is a decentralized derivatives exchange backed by powerful investors including Andreessen Horowitz. According to Chico Crypto, this could be the biggest one yet, calling it the next Uniswap.

As Crypto News Flash reported, Uniswap airdropped 400 UNI tokens to its users in September. The $400 UNI tokens went up to $3,000 at one time, with the market cap shooting up to $610 million. Chico Crypto believes that the dYdX airdrop could be even bigger than this. The analyst stated:

I think this one is going to be bigger than people can imagine because it is one of the protocols I see coming and pushing forward as regulations start causing others to scatter. It’s dYdX. I would interact with dYdX if I were you. Not necessarily go bungholio crazy on margin trading, but just play around with it.

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