The truth about getting rich in crypto

Сapitalization growth of cryptocurrencies was the beginning of a new “Gold Rush”. The number of those who regret not investing in bitcoin in 2011 is approximately equal to the number of those who dream of becoming a blogger with millions of subscribers. This is one of the reasons why “meme” coins are so popular, the increase of fraudsters in crypto and the number of crypto-millionaires. There are plenty of opportunities to earn money in the cryptocurrency area, however, it is much easier to lose capital.

The most common reason for this is wild volatility, which can create wealth in a short amount of time but can destroy it even faster. Each year there are stories of untold wealth, but also of people who have lost everything.

How to get rich on cryptocurrency? We offer three legal methods:

1) Become an investor. You can buy some amount of currency and wait until the price grows.
But there is a problem – it is expensive to buy already “proven” cryptocurrencies. Many coins
have already reached their ATH (all-time highs), so many are trying their luck buying “Noname”
coins in the hope of #tothemoon. The most dangerous thing about investing is the FOMO effect
(fear of missing opportunity). It forces not only beginners but also experienced investors to buy
an asset that has risen in price because of the regret that they did not acquire it earlier. It also
makes you sell when the price starts to fall. Overall, it incurs losses in most cases.

2) Become a trader. You can buy and sell currencies, play on the difference in the exchange
rate. However, it is problematic to make money without the relevant experience, knowledge, and
ability to control your own emotions. Popular Exchanges collect their profits on “hamsters” –
people who are hungry for quick riches and are not ready to spend years on training. Many
opponents of cryptocurrencies believe that the cause of the exchange rate instability is currency
speculators who accumulate significant amounts of crypto and actively play with rates for their
purposes. They increase the production capacity for cryptocurrency mining, increasing interest
in it and the rate. Including manipulating it by playing on the exchange with large volumes of

3) Become a miner. You can participate in the emission of a coin, help to confirm transactions
with it, and receive a commission for this action. However, this option is not the most affordable
for everyone. You will have to spend money on creating a crypto farm. Miners need to buy video
cards or ASIC miners. You need to buy about 30-50 of these devices, the total price of which
reaches $200-300k, to earn a stable income. Do not forget about the cost of other equipment
like coolers for cooling and to pay big electricity bills. You can mine different cryptocurrencies, of
course, but in the end, it is still very expensive.

People got rich due to the same thing – the possession of assets that rise in price over time,
regardless of the type of activity, whether a person is an investor, a trader, or a miner. The
sooner you find an opportunity, the more successful you will be. If you want a stable income,
then you should find a way for passive income.

One of the most stable and promising industries in cryptocurrency today is Cloud Mining: you
rent the computer power of large mining farms and start earning passive income. Leave all the
hassle and work to the professionals.

The brightest representatives of this industry are the guys from GreenHashes. They were the
first to use green energy to mine cryptocurrencies. The “green” revolution not only helps our
planet but also increases the income of miners. The company moves with the times and
provides environmentally-friendly mining using renewable energy sources. The user only needs
to select the desired contract (for 2, 4, and 8 months) and pay for it with Bitcoin. The platform is
suitable for both beginners and professional investors.

In case of any questions about the service or suggestions, write to and
technical support specialists will not only answer all the questions but also guide the new joiners
in the world of eco-mining. Do not forget to ask them about your Referral level and income from
such a program. To keep abreast of the latest news about mining and cryptocurrencies, you can
join the official Greenhashes telegram channel and subscribe to the company’s social networks,
where you can find a lot of useful information on investments and eco-friendly mining.

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