A Canadian nursing student creates ASS Finance, a meme-coin that has 100,000 holders

  • A 26-year-old Canadian student has created a meme coin with over 100,000 token holders.
  • She has come under threat for promoting sexuality on her platform. 

A 26-year-old Canadian nursing student known on social media as “CryptoLiv ” has successfully launched a token based on the Binance Smart Chain, and currently boasts of over 100,000 community holders. The creation of ASS Finance (Australian Safe Shepherd) was motivated by other tokens created out of a joke but hit the ground running with market booms making people earn millions of dollars in profits. 

ASS Finance was created as a meme coin, but right after the asset recorded a market cap of $110 million and saw around 70,000 holders in a week, the creator knew she had struck gold. The asset has now been listed on the MXC exchange. 

Today, ASS Finance has accumulated several contributors across the globe in a bid to go beyond the value of most of the meme coins and solve real-world problems. CryptoLiv has disclosed her intention to dedicate her platform to all women to encourage them to enter the DeFi space.

To further our goal of empowering women, I have spoken with several companies that are interested in integrating our token as an available payment method on adult video websites.

On the flip side, her promotion of what some people regard as ‘sexual content and pushing for adoption on adult websites has led to death threats on her life.

Ass Finance shoots up

As disclosed by CryptoLiv in an interview, members of her Home Telegram Community petitioned her to create a meme coin, and she bought into the Idea. She proposed to create a dog-themed token due to the popularity Elon Musk has given to DOGE. However, they settled on ASS Finance.

Her decision to create the token on the Binance Smart Chain was due to her special interest in Binance, and the love for the project built by Changpeng Zhao, the exchange’s CEO. She believes that BSC offsets many flaws in the already existing blockchains such as Ethereum. The Binance Smart Chain uses proof of stake consensus mechanism which is way faster than Ethereum’s proof of work. 

In terms of a roadmap, she revealed that a charity fundraiser is in the pipeline, and once launched, donations will be taken for one of her favorite charities. The long-term goal is to leverage the power of memes and use this attention to bring awareness to the issues facing women. 

She added:

While anonymity is important for privacy purposes, it can also create issues including scams and mistrust, which is why I aim to communicate directly with the ASS community to instill trust in every one of our investors.

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