The next Solana-like projects which could pump 50 – 100x are ready to be released – Crypto experts take

  • A crypto analyst has shared a list of 13 new crypto projects to watch out for including Sui Network.
  • These projects could print a 50 – 100x growth while contributing to industry evolution.

One of the defining characteristics of investments in some crypto projects is their potential to produce a very massive return on investment. From Bitcoin (BTC) to Dogecoin (DOGE), and even Solana (SOL), the majority of cryptocurrencies are up by massive percentages despite the current outlook in the broader digital currency ecosystem.

In a recent tweet, a crypto expert with the user name Miles Deutscher, the most progressive digital tokens have not even been launched yet. He shared a list of the top 13 protocols that will yield likely yield a 50 – 100 growth trend to mimic a similar trend like Solana and Polygon (MATIC).

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Deutscher’s top 13 Protocols

The number one project on Deutscher’s list is the Sui Network, a high-performance L1 which uses the Move programming language. The protocol was founded by 5 former Meta engineers who once worked on the tech giant’s Libra/Diem project. 

The Sui Network has been under development for quite some time and it recently released its Testnet Wave 2 upgrade in readiness for its yet-to-be-announced full launch. The technological prowess of the Sui Network can be likened in part to that of Aptos which also utilizes the same Move programming language.

With speed, large memory, and expressiveness amongst the features highlighted by Deutscher, Sui Network is on track to hit a ready market when it finally launches.

The second of the crypto projects tapped for impressive growth is the Sei Network, a Cosmos-built first sector-specific L1 blockchain, specialized for trading to “give exchanges an unfair advantage.” The emergence of Sei Network will benefit from its design as the first order-book-focused L1 blockchain, designed to be faster and more reliable than other types of blockchains.

In addition, the expert tapped Celestia as another top protocol to watch out for. Celestia is a modular network, enabling anyone to easily deploy their own blockchain with minimal overhead. Celestia is building an infrastructure that seeks to empower more builders across the board, and it is this sort of protocol that most venture capital firms are paying attention to as vital for the evolution of crypto.

The other protocols mentioned include Fuel Labs, Quai Network, zkSync, StarkWare, Arbitrum, Hermez, LayerZero, Zeta Blockchain, Quadrata Network, and Drift Protocol. The pick of these projects is based on their inherent technological buildup, as well as the current community enthusiasm they are building across the board.

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Contribution of crypto projects to evolution

Many proponents of the digital currency ecosystem and its underlying blockchain technology have argued that the industry is still evolving even though it is more than a decade already. While there has never really been a dearth of innovators in the space, developers are just beginning to showcase how ingenious they can be in helping to fuel the evolution of the broader ecosystem.

While the roles of legacy digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), and Solana (SOL) amongst others cannot be over-emphasized, these highlighted upcoming projects can also contribute to the inherent evolution of the digital currency ecosystem.

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