The Best ICO of 2023 is here – Pikamoon

You probably have heard the word “ICO” before. On Discord, Twitter, Reddit, and several other channels. You may have an idea of what an ICO means, but we’ll discuss it in detail as the article progresses.

But first, let’s see how ICOs have impacted the crypto space.

For those that don’t know, an initial coin offering (or ICO as it’s called for short) is the crypto industry’s equivalent of an IPO (initial public offering). In most cases, a company or project that wants to raise money to make a new coin, design an app, or establish a service can launch its own initial coin offering. This is a safe way for the project to raise funds.

Interested investors buy into an ICO to get new crypto tokens issued by the business. This token often has some kind of utility related to the app, service or product that the company is offering. In some instances, the company may offer the investors a chance to own a stake in the project or company.

To take part in an ICO, investors are usually required to first buy a more established crypto which they’ll exchange for the new token or coins. In addition, they must have a basic understanding of crypto exchanges and wallets.

Examples of ICO projects

We’ve compiled some well known examples of top projects that raised funds via the ICO route. In 2014, the Ethereum project was one the early, prominent examples of an initial coin offering. Unsurprisingly, the ICO raised over $18 million within 42 days.

In 2015, Antshares started a two-phase ICO and in time, the company rebranded to Neo. The ICO’s first phase was completed in October 2015, while the second phase didn’t end until September 2016. As luck would have it, the project was able to generate the needed funds of about $4.5 million. This figure may be small, but fundraising and the amount raised for each project may vary widely.

To further explain this point, Dragon Coin raised an estimated $320 million in a one-month ICO which ended in March 2018. Before investors are sold on a project, they need to see what the project is offering and the viability of it. If they believe it’ll be a successful project, there’s every chance the ICO will be a major success.

This is because, in exchange, the investors get good value for their investment. There are instances where they have seen about 100 times returns, while some projects have been able to deliver more than that.

With this in mind, a lot of people are on the lookout for such projects and one such project is the Pikamoon Adventure.

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The early feelers out there is that this project is not just massive, it has the ability to disrupt the play to earn industry. It’s been a while that we’ve been this excited about a game and there’s no better time to get an inside look than now.

For starters, the project’s core team is taking a different approach than the regular. They decided to build their token on two of the best blockchains out there, the Ethereum and MultiversX blockchains.

The Pikamoon core team isn’t just building a project for investors alone, they’re also leaving no stone unturned to ensure they build the best play to earn game in the industry. They are building Pikamoon using the best gaming engine out there which is Unreal Engine 5.

However, you don’t have to feel left out as there’s a chance to join in on the action by joining the Pikamoon whitelist. Joining the whitelist gives you a chance to get the Pikamoon tokens, $Pika, at extremely cheap prices. In addition, there are awesome gifts to be won like first generation minted NFTs and tokens worth $100,000. To get more information about the Pikamoon project, game, token, ecosystem and more, you can check out the official Pikamoon website.






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