Thai digital bank KBTG launches ICO portal as Croatian e-bike firm integrates crypto payments

  • KBTG has announced the impending launch of Kubix Digital Assets, a platform that will allow companies to issue their initial coin offerings.
  • Croatian e-bike firm Greyp has partnered with a cryptocurrency payment firm to now allow its clients to purchase its bikes with nine major cryptos.

A Thai digital bank is set to launch an initial coin offering portal to take advantage of the growing adoption in the local scene. The Kasikorn Business-Technology Group (KBTG), which is the parent company of leading digital bank KBank, announced the launch of Kubix Digital Asset recently, which will launch a fully-fledged system for digital token offerings later this year.

Thailand is home to a thriving ecosystem of cryptocurrency and blockchain community. The country’s securities regulator, known as the Securities and Exchange Commission, has been at the forefront in offering guidance to the sector, attracting the confidence of investors in the market. And as the Bangkok Post now reports, the SEC approved the launch of Kubix about a week ago.

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KBTG intends to use its new platform to convert tangible assets with real-world value into tokens in order to decrease risk from volatility. The firm believes that this conversion will create novel investment formats that in time will give businesses easier access to funding sources.

It will also offer investors more diverse investment opportunities that match their lifestyles, Ruangroj Poonpol, the KBTG chairman and the board chairman of Kubix stated.

The executive also believes that Kubix will allow clients to invest in new forms of assets and build sustainable returns, claiming that the ultimate outcome of investment goes beyond monetary gains.

More adoption: E-bike company integrates crypto payments

In more adoption news, a Croatian e-bike company has integrated cryptocurrency payments for bike purchases. Known as Greyp Bikes, it boasts of having the world’s first fully connected e-bikes. It recently announced that clients can now purchase all its high-tech cycling products through nine leading crypto including XRP and Stellar Lumens.

In a recent announcement, Greyp revealed that it had partnered with PayCek, a leading Croatian crypto payments processor, to enable the payments. It now allows its clients to make payments with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Stellar Lumens, XRP, USD Coin, Tether, DAI and EOS.

“Greyp has always been at the forefront of technology in the biking world, so this was the next logical step to take in the further development of the brand,” it stated in its announcement.

Greyp was founded by Croatian entrepreneur and innovator Mate Rimac as a sister company to his other venture, Rimac Automobiles. The latter manufactures electric sports cars and is now partly owned by German conglomerate VW Group’s Porsche.

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