Tezos welcomes Smartlink as newest corporate baker on the network

  • Smartlink has become the newest corporate baker on Tezos.
  • Other than Smartlink, there are more than 400 bakers including global gaming giant Ubisoft, on the Tezos blockchain network. 

Decentralized escrow smart contract platform Smartlink has announced its expansion in the Tezos ecosystem by becoming the newest corporate baker. On becoming a corporate baker officially on Tezos, Smartlink will now begin to validate transactions on the blockchain. The latest move by Smartlink fulfils one of the project’s commitments to expand in the Tezos ecosystem. Apart from Smartlink, more than 400 corporate bakers globally are validators on the Tezos blockchain. Other Tezos corporate bakers include insurance company Wakam, cloud provider Exaion, global gaming giant Ubisoft, Sword France, and more. 

Smartlink joins over 400 bakers on the Tezos blockchain

Smartlink specializes in end-to-end online escrow solutions, incurring reliable transactions. The platform offers reduced processing costs as it exempts third parties, which drive transaction costs up. Additionally, Smartlink guarantees the safety of funds during transactions and reduces potential risks and fraud on multiple blockchain networks. The platform provides these features through an end-to-end payment solution that ensures seamless transactions. 

Smartlink founder and CEO Ben Constanty commented on the platform’s latest achievement on becoming a corporate baker on Tezos. Expressing his satisfaction with the new move, the CEO stated:

I am now more convinced than ever that we have made the best technological decision choosing Tezos. The promise of this network is consistent with the same ambitious goals we have for our platform. We are pleased to strengthen our commitment to this ecosystem by becoming a co-baker today.

Tezos upgrade mechanism limits disruptions and also offers constant upgradability and improved functionality over time. Over time, Tezos has gone through six network upgrades for advanced features. With the several upgrades, Tezos now offers reduced fees, improved token standards, increased transaction speed, and mcuh more. 

Nomadic Labs welcomes Smartlink

In a statement, the president of Nomadic Labs, Michel Mauny:

We are always delighted to see project leaders becoming increasingly involved in our ecosystem. Smartlink holds great promise and the dynamism that its team express will be a plus for all.

The blockchain network, Tezos, is a Proof of Stake (PoS) network and uses 2 million times less energy than other networks that use Proof of Work (POW). Since the beginning of 2020, the Tezos community has featured some popular NFT and DeFi applications. In addition, the Tezos community has recorded growth in its network activity up to 1,200 percent since the year began. The blockchain network has grown over the years and now accommodates different clients across several sectors. Some of the clients building on Tezos include non-fungible token (NFT) artists, sporting franchises, music labels, game developers, real estate developers, global NGOs, and more. 


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