Terra Projects Shine Bright: Cosmos DeFi Thrive, Carbon lists first Alliance Assets and Warp Protocol Launches on Testnet

  • According to a recent tweet from the Terra community, a handful of projects have hit new milestones despite ongoing market chaos. 
  • Carbon aligns with the Terra money community, revealing the long term benefits that the move will have on the Carbon network. 

In a recent tweet, Orbit Command, a community validator dedicated to educating and supporting the LUNA community, outlined the many projects hitting new milestones on the network.

In more ways than one, Terra projects have made significant progress. Although the cryptocurrency community is currently battling a handful of issues, Terra’s network progress is clearly not being hindered by the concerning developments.

Notably, Cosmos DeFi is thriving in the DeFi ecosystem. According to the tweet from Orbit Command, OxCarbon has followed in the footsteps of Migaloo Zone, a permissionless Cosmos SDK blockchain that recently implemented cross-chain.

Taking to Twitter, Carbon announced that it was listing its first allowance assets from Terra Money. Users can look forward to staking and earning on the Carbon and Terra protocol.

BREAKING: Carbon has listed its first Alliance assets from terra money! Get ready for MORE yield – Stake ampLUNA eris protocol and stLUNA on Carbon to earn Carbon protocol and Terra protocol staking rewards every sec!

Carbon wrote in the announcement tweet, adding that users can obtain liquid-staked Luna by staking Luna with various liquid staking protocols.

Decentralized automation layer wrap protocol now on testnet thanks to the builders on astroportfi

Speaking on its alliance with the Terra money community, Carbon explained that the move will usher in great exposure for the Carbon ecosystem.

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The carbon network is a Layer-2 trading protocol that is currently powering cross-chain financial markets. The platform allows for the building and scaling of any DeFi innovation across multiple blockchains with Carbon.

In the long run, Carbon believes that this will lead to an increased interest in and demand for SWTH, which then opens up opportunities for a potential appreciation in the value of SWTH!

Meanwhile, wrap protocol, a decentralized automation layer for the Terra ecosystem, is currently on testnet, courtesy of builders on astroportfi, a platform created to bring liquidity to Cosmos. Astroprot wrote in an announcement tweet.

WARP-POWERED LIMIT ORDERS. Astrochad’s exploring a new limit order system on the Terra money testnet! Powered by wrap protocol, astronauts can use it to place limit orders to buy or sell specific crypto at a prespecified price.

It is worth noting that Astroport has already enabled limo orders on the mainnet, as mainnet limit orders are currently powered by the Autonomy Network.

Additionally, Astrochad has been exploring Warp, particularly because it makes room for easy editing of limit orders. “The protocol’s infra is also extremely flexible and could enable potential future use cases including stop losses.” Astroprot added.

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