Stellar Lumens can be sent via email in seconds through new partnership

  • Stellar users can now transfer USDC and Stellar Lumens via email – Tildamail.
  • Another positive development for USDC after Robinhood listed the stablecoin earlier this week.

Tildamail has announced a new update that allows over 7 million Stellar accounts to send and receive USDC and Stellar Lumens (XLM) like mail. Announcing the development, Tildamail, via a tweet on its official page revealed how it partnered with Stellar to design the initiative. According to the firm, users can also send private emails and files through its platform.

Similarly, the CEO and Co-Founder of Circle, the issuer of USDC, Jemmy Allaire, has reacted to the development. In a separate Twitter post, the CEO said the Stellar developer community is making rave with USDC apps. For USDC, the latest development coincides with the listing of Stablecoin by Robinhood.

Positive development for Stellar Lumens

For Stellar Lumens (XLM), the innovation is a big step for the token. Users can seamlessly send and receive the token using Tildamail, thus, attracting more utility for Stellar Lumens. Additionally, the initiative will move the Stellar network a step closer to achieving its purpose. Established in 2015, Stellar Lumens aims at unifying numerous financial system across the globe.

It provides a payment protocol that aids financial service providers and institutions to provide payment solutions. The Stellar protocol is devised to transfer financial resources seamlessly at a low cost. As the native token of the network, XLM functions as an intermediate token and users can use it to settle blockchain transactions.

Sidenotes about Tildamail, USDC

Tildamail is a private email system with decentralized file storage. The system allows users to send messages and files in an end-to-end encrypted pattern. Additionally, Tildamail gives users the privilege to determine who can utilize their data and safeguard their privacy. With Tildamail users can converse anonymously without needing the services of a centralized server.

However, for USDC, the recent initiative further highlights how the stablecoin is gaining prominence. Lately, the stablecoin is gradually covering ground against it’s fierce rival, USDT. While the latter still cover the largest space in the stablecoin sector, USDC is working well to break the dominance. With Tildamail, USDC will get more boost to bridge the gap. XLM currently trades at $0.1146, according to our data.

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