Solana (SOL) at Risk of Dropping Below $50; Investors Shift to Mantle (MNT) & InQubeta (QUBE)

In the ever-shifting sands of the crypto market, change is the only constant. Lately, Solana (SOL), a once-celebrated star in the crypto universe, has been facing a cloud of uncertainty, potentially dipping below the $50 mark. This situation has forced investors to look towards newer, brighter horizons. Enter InQubeta (QUBE) and Mantle (MNT), two top crypto coins that are stirring up excitement and offering fresh hope to investors in these turbulent times.

InQubeta: Pioneering a New Era in Crypto Investing

In the midst of this shifting crypto landscape, InQubeta emerges as a beacon of innovation and growth. This unique platform marries the cutting-edge world of AI with the revolutionary realm of crypto investments, and it’s doing so in style. Through its QUBE token, InQubeta is opening doors to a world where investing in AI start-ups isn’t just a pipe dream for the average Joe.

Here’s the cool part: InQubeta lets investors buy into AI start-ups through popular NFTs that represent either a slice of equity or some juicy rewards. This isn’t just about throwing money into a digital pot; it’s about being part of a start-up’s journey and sharing in its success. The QUBE token, an ERC20 coin, adds a layer of smart economics to the mix with its rewarding tax system designed to encourage long-term holding and active community participation. 2% of each transaction is permanently burnt, while 5% is reserved for a reward pool.

QUBE isn’t just another crypto to buy; it’s a voice. Holders get to weigh in on the platform’s future, making it a truly democratic investment platform. The fact that it’s passed a rigorous smart contract audit by Hacken and is on the verge of closing $5 million in the presale funding makes it the best crypto investment for the long term.

Solana’s Rollercoaster Ride

Solana’s recent price surge reminds us of its April and May 2021 rally and has also raised concerns among investors and traders about its long-term sustainability. After soaring to highs of $53 and $61, there is apprehension that Solana might repeat its history of retracing back to levels below $50, as it did two years ago. This pattern of rapid rises followed by steep declines highlights the inherent volatility and unpredictability in the crypto market.

Mantle (MNT): A Layer 2 Game-Changer

MNT is another top altcoin that is grabbing investors’ attention. As a Layer 2 scaling solution built on the Ethereum blockchain, Mantle utilizes optimistic rollup technology to process transactions more efficiently and at lower costs than Ethereum while still securing itself through Ethereum’s network. Its compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) makes it easy for existing DApps on Ethereum to deploy on Mantle.

At the core of Mantle Network is the $MNT token, which serves as both a governance and utility token. It facilitates transactions by covering gas fees and also acts as collateral for network nodes. This dual functionality makes $MNT a top crypto coin for investors looking for innovative solutions in the blockchain space.


The story unfolding in the crypto market right now is one of adaptation and exploration. While Solana wrestles with its fate, new ICOs like InQubeta and projects like Mantle are capturing the imagination of investors. InQubeta, with its trailblazing approach to AI and crypto investment, and Mantle, with its promise of a more efficient blockchain experience, are more than just digital assets; they’re gateways to new possibilities in the crypto universe.

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