SKALY reveals IOTA based platform for health data

  • The secret of the IOTA based “Freighter” project was at least partially revealed yesterday when SKALY presented the first milestone of the project.
  • Freighter is a second layer protocol for IOTA, which can send large amounts of data anonymously to and from different points on a decentralized platform.

Yesterday, the SKALY team around Peter Willemsen and Dennis Schouten revealed the secret of the “Freighter” project and published its first milestone. Freighter is a second layer protocol for IOTA, which as a messaging service offers the possibility to send large amounts of data via secure channels. It is part of a larger project of the Dutch research institute TNO (Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research) and aims to establish a decentralized platform for health data.

As the SKALY team explained in a Medium article published yesterday, TNO’s vision was to develop an open source platform that could be used to transport data to and from different points on a decentralized platform. During numerous meetings with the research institute, the vision and feasibility was discussed until the TNO asked the SKALY team to join the larger project of the research institute.

We decided to share our thoughts with the IOTA Foundation and explore if we could turn this project into an open-source project for the whole community to benefit from. The result is that we support the open-source project and also receive funding from the EDF [IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund].

Decentralized revolution in the health sector, based on IOTA

Detailed information about the “bigger” project of the TNO are still confidential. However, it is known that Freighter is part of the larger project of the research institute, in which SKALY is an active partner in developing a platform for the exchange and processing of medical data. This platform allows medical data to be passed on to third parties only with the authorized consent of the patient or relative. The first milestone of the team was to decouple Freighter from the SKALY platform and rebuild it as an open source project.

The distributed messaging service provides “a solid way for developers and users to interact with large amounts of data and send it through secure channels”. By using parallel data streams that can come from multiple IOTA nodes, Freighter can handle the large amounts of data that occur in the healthcare sector. The data is sent through channels based on the Masked Authenticated Messaging technology (MAM, now known as IOTA Streams).

This enables the anonymous transmission of sensitive data. As Willemsen explained in a video also released yesterday, the transactions sent with Freighter are not distinguishable from other IOTA messages (0-value transactions) or from transactions of other Freighter channels. In addition, the technology allows the download of multiple messages from one channel in parallel, which was previously not possible with MAM.

Another important aspect of Freighter is that it is protected against denial of service attacks, whereby data is loaded without waiting times. Furthermore, Freighter allows channels to be stored via permanodes without them knowing what the content is.

In the following video by Peter Willemsen you can find much more detailed technical information about Freighter. You will also find a demo of the promising project under this link.

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