ScryptCube Cloud Mining review: Is the provider secure and reputable?

Anyone who wants to participate in Bitcoin Mining these days needs strong hardware and cheap electricity, otherwise the computing processes take too long or the electricity bill quickly becomes too expensive. There are many providers on the market who offer so-called cloud mining contracts for different packages.

One of them is the renowned provider ScryptCube. The platform offers Cloud Mining for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and is dedicated to making the entry into the mining business as easy as possible. We took a closer look at the provider and show you whether you can use ScryptCube easily and without any problems.

ScryptCube Mining: Easy and secure for all investors?

ScryptCube is a provider of cloud service solutions based in the United Kingdom. The company wants to make Bitcoin Mining accessible to everyone and has therefore set the entry threshold for customers relatively low. It is already possible to use cloud mining contracts for low performance of 100GH/s.

This allows potential investors to carry out BTC mining with little capital and to try out the platform step by step. The first step is to register on the official website, create an account and provide personal and payment information. When this has been successfully completed, you can have a look at the clearly arranged dashboard. You can use Visa, Mastercard or even Bitcoin for the deposit.


Even for inexperienced users it is possible to use the services of ScryptCube. There is a very detailed FAQ section. Furthermore the customer support of ScryptCube can be contacted at any time via the ticket system. The prices are simple and clearly arranged.

There are 2 different contract forms: Bitcoin Mining for 1 year with a price of 1.90 USD per 100 GH/s and a 2-year contract with a price of 3.50 USD per 100 GH/s. You can effectively save on the larger package.

The contracts can be designed flexibly so that the right hardware performance and price is available for every investor. There is also a calculator on the website, with which the investment as well as the resulting profit can be calculated. In the dashboard you can see which contract you have selected and how much Bitcoin you have on your wallet.


You can also adjust the contract at any time and buy more hashrates. In addition, there are detailed statistics on all mining key figures, which can be viewed in real time on the website or app. ScryptCube guarantees a once completed operating period, constant fees and the maintenance of all conditions entered into at the time of signing the contract.

Conclusion on ScryptCube Mining

Although we are not experts in the mining business, we know our way around. We are really completely satisfied with the range of functions and the support. We received an answer from the support within 24 hours.

ScryptCube has been selling hashrates since 2016 and can look back on a long experience in the business. The payout of the Bitcoins we used including our winnings was very simple and worked without any problems. We can recommend the platform for both beginners and advanced users.

If you have any questions about the provider, feel free to contact us by mail or contact the company via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or via the Telegram chat.

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