Ripple (XRP) utility fork Flare Networks halts Coston testnet, 2nd iteration coming in 14 days

  • Flare Networks’ Coston testnet has been forced to halt due to a chainID issue.
  • The Flare Networks team has announced the release of the second iteration of Coston in the next two weeks.

In a message via Discord, the Flare Finance team informed about the halt of the Coston testnet. The team stated that they were contacted by MetaMask via their Twitter account about a bug in Coston. The post on Discord states that the chainID for connecting to Coston was incorrect. Apparently, the correct parameter to log into the blockchain was 16, but users could only use 1 and 0x1 as the test network ID. As a result, the team reported:

These chainIDs can cause loss of user funds however as we instructed people to create entirely new wallets, this was not an issue for anyone who followed the setup instructions as they start with brand new, completely empty wallets. Additionally Flare has always forced every user to create a fresh address.

Solution to Flare Networks testnet issue

Flare Networks’ data shows that Coston operated for about 1 year and was able to produce about 1 million blocks. To fix the parameter error, it was necessary to stop the Coston test network. However, the team felt it would be more efficient to introduce the configurations to fix the bug with the release of the second iteration of Coston2, as it is about to be released.

Expected within 2 weeks, according to an official announcement from Flare Networks via Twitter, Coston2 will enter the next phase of development for the project. Over the next few days, the team will work “non-stop” on the code base for Coston 2 with direct support from MetaMask to “fix the bug and improve the user experience”.

Flare Networks based DeFi protocol Flare Finance has responded accordingly to the developments and reported that they will relaunch their beta program for Coston2. In addition, they have assured that “many bugs” will be fixed with a new “more level playing field” for the protocol’s Beta test. Flare Finance users will also get a fair relaunch chance at Samurai NFTs. Flare Finance team added:

Please expect MASSIVE progress by the time we go back online on Coston2 as we all begin to get a better picture of the innovative masterpiece that is Flare Network coming to life. We appreciate your support and enthusiastic cooperation as we continue to explore a new frontier together.

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