Ripple: XRP can reach $25 to $30 in the longterm according to analyst

  • Credible Crypto predicts XRP gains of 1000% and a target price of $25 to $30 in the next bullish cycle.
  • Analyst expects a drop in the crypto market of 20% to 30%, but with a smaller impact for Bitcoin and XRP.

Digital asset XRP has taken the crypto market by storm. With an impressive 37.40% increase in the last 24 hours, XRP is at an annual high of $0.46. In the monthly and weekly charts, the digital asset registers gains of 76.71% and 67.28% respectively. Thus, XRP is the main winner of the last 30 days, followed by Litecoin (61.27%), Bitcoin (45.29%), LINK (40.43%), and Ethereum (38.29%).

1000% profit for XRP

According to analyst Credible Crypto, the correction that the price of XRP went through is “perfectly healthy”. Therefore, he invited digital asset holders to look at other indicators. Via his Twitter account, Credible Crypto stated the following and shared the image below:

(Relative Strength Index) RSI tells a story, pay attention to it. Selling $XRP now is like selling $BTC when it was at $197- before it ran to 20k.

Ripple XRP


The analyst has set a target price for XRP between $25 and $30. However, he expects it to be met in the long term as the market advances in its upward cycle. Before this happens, the analyst has predicted a drop of up to 30% in the market. In that sense, he said:

You have the right idea for the pullback region. Many alts will dump hard but XRP/BTC is on support so it may not be affected as bad as other alts.

A drop in the major cryptocurrencies by that percentage could serve as a perfect investment opportunity for new investors. The analyst has declared the beginning of “the XRP season” and stated the following:

The floor on $XRP is in. If we somehow get a retest of the low .30 region, you take it. Slim chance we see sub .30 ever again (except maybe a cheeky wick if you are lucky). Congrats #xrparmy, it’s our turn now.

Ripple XRP


In the XRP community, investors are bullish. Most have welcomed XRP’s predictions and some have taken advantage of them to take a percentage of profits. One user commented as follows:

I love how you found the light my friend. Respect how you always questioned and searched for answers despite the hate and that way you found #xrp. Love, and respect. Keep fighting the good fight.

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