Ripple: New multifunctional XRP tracking tool introduced

  • Dev Null Productions has introduced a new XRPL tracking tool called Zerp Tracker
  • The tool can be used in many ways and allows you to set up filters that keep the user informed by mail, SMS or push message.

The prices of cryptocurrencies have shown a high volatility in the last weeks and months, so many traders are looking for additional tools to support and monitor the market. The cryptocurrency XRP also offers good entry opportunities on a daily basis to make profits through smart investment decisions. The new tool Zerp Tracker offers new useful functions for this purpose.

Zerp Tracker for XRP Trader introduced

Dev Null Productions, a renowned provider of XRP data and messaging services, recently introduced its new tracking tool “Zerp Tracker”. Using the tool allows setting different filters to better monitor the market. The user can be notified by mail, SMS, push message or alert message.

Both your own and third-party accounts can be monitored for incoming and outgoing transactions. In the event of fraudulent activities, such as account movements of the PlusToken-Scam, alerts can be sent to a predefined e-mail distribution list to better prepare for sudden price movements in the market.

Zerp Tracker is available free of charge to both individuals and institutions. Dev Null Productions has also introduced the xrp1ntel tool, which can be used to monitor and analyzejap the XRP network.

Ripple presents ChefXRP for integration of PayID

As Crypto News Flash has already reported, PayID is a recently introduced payment identifier, a free standard and open protocol designed to increase interoperability between payment networks. The Open Payment Coalition (OPC) was founded on 18 June 2020 and consists of 40 global members who will integrate PayID. This is intended to eliminate the tedious copying of long account numbers or credit card addresses using a simple standardized format.

A few days ago Ripple presented the web application ChefXRP, which enables bills and subscriptions with PayID and can be piloted in a test environment. To use ChefXRP, testers must download the banking app XUMM. The app must be configured so that it finds an address in the XRP ledger of the test network.

Ripple XRP


With ChefXRP accounts can be created and payments can be processed via the banking app XUMM. To do this, users simply have to log in on the website with their PayID and then click on “Subscribe”. Afterwards PayID is used to forward the transaction data by reading a QR code. This eliminates the need to enter an endlessly long account number and reduces the probability of an incorrect entry to practically zero.

By using XRP Check, payments can even be rejected or subsequently changed, so that, unlike the Bitcoin and Ethereum network, payments are not considered final.

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