Flare Finance announces public BETA for February 25

  • The public beta launch of Flare Finance is celebrated with a reward of 100 XRP for 5 users.
  • Flare Networks reveals Towo Labs is running an XRP ledger node from a nuclear bunker in Sweden.

One of the first decentralized finance projects for the “utility fork” of the XRP Ledger, Flare Finance, has announced the launch of a public beta program for February 25, 2021. Announced via its Twitter handle, Flare Finance stated:

The #FlareFinance Public BETA Program will soon begin on February 25th, 2021.

Thousands will fight for the Mark of the Samurai…but few will receive it.

Earlier this year, the project had conducted a private beta test with a significant participation of 200 users, which took place on Flare Networks’ Coston testnet. Subsequently, Flare Finance announced its public beta test:

Soon, our platform will be open to the masses to enjoy in a test net environment along side a competition hosted to see who the Top 250 BETA Testers will be.

All winners earn the coveted Samurai NFT!

As a celebration, the Flare Finance team will give 100 XRP to 5 participants of the test. Contestants will be chosen randomly and will receive an airdrop of the token, provided they go to the project’s Twitter account and give a “like, retweet and tag 3 followers”.

As reported by CNF, Flare Finance will do an airdrop of FLR tokens after Flare Network completes its mainnet launch. All users will be eligible for the airdrop, with the exception of Flare Foundation employees. It is expected that 40 million Flare DAO tokens exchangeable with YFLR will be delivered in the airdrop.

Towo Labs runs XRPL node in a nuclear bunker

On the other hand, Flare Networks continues to make progress towards the launch of the mainnet. The launch is slated for between Q1 and Q2 2021, as stated by the Flare Networks developer team.

Flare Networks has recently celebrated the addition of new partners that have begun running XRP Ledger nodes to support the launch of the network. The most recent is Towo Labs, Flare Networks’ developer partner, which will begin running an XRPL node from a nuclear bunker in Sweden. Flare’s partner stated:

As part of our commitment to ensure the long term health and stability of the XRP Ledger, Towo Labs is now operating a validator from Pionen White Mountains, a former nuclear bunker 30 meters beneath the streets of Stockholm, Sweden.

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