Ripple: Banking application XUMM based on XRP Ledger launches beta version

  • The developer Wietse Wind has announced that the banking application XUMM will start its beta phase on iOS and Google Store today, March 23.
  • XRPL Labs has warned that the application should not be used to manage “high values” for the time being.

XRPL Labs developer Wietse Wind confirmed that the beta version of XUMM will be available today. The banking application will offer its users the possibility to access services from a traditional bank, without the intervention of third parties and is expected to boost the adoption and use cases of XRP.

XUMM will give access to banking services without using a bank

At the end of January this year, Wind, who is known for creating the XRPTipBot and XRParrot, announced that XUMM is nearing completion. The banking application is intended to provide users with easy access to banking services. For example, fiat currencies (such as dollars and euros), XRP and contact information can be managed as well as transaction logs and balance sheets can be created. In other words, XUMM users will be able to access banking services without being dependent on any institution. Wietse explained via his Twitter account:

Yes, we’re actually going to publish the XUMM Public Beta on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store today.

The developer expects both the Google Play Store and the App Store to approve the application soon. As announced by XRPL Labs, the application interface will be easy to use and will not require advanced knowledge of crypto wallets or similar applications.

Since the released version is in beta, the developer warned that it is better not to have a “high value” account at this time. Wietse also said that it would be advisable not to make any high-value transfers at this stage of XUMM. In any case, Wietse Wind will do a live broadcast by periscope to talk about the future of the application and answer users’ questions.

In his broadcast, Wietse will probably talk about the Pro version of the application and about the limitations of the Beta version that will be available today. The “XUMM Pro” version will allow users to access more features. However, the basic version will have all the essential features available. According to Wietse, the pro version will only aim at adding value to XUMM services.

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