Reasearch indicates: Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin and Monero

  • A new research by Monero Outreach suggests that the creator of Bitcoin (BTC), Satoshi Nakamoto, also created Monero (XMR).
  • By analyzing the Bitcoin and Monero Whitepapers, it is speculated that Nakamoto and Nicolas van Saberhagen are one and the same person.

Research by Monero Outreach suggests that the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, may also have created the privacy coin Monero. Based on text analysis, Monero Outreach suggests that Nakamoto and Nicolas van Saberhagen could be the same person. Their identities are one of the greatest mysteries in the crypto space.

Monero traces its origins back to a white paper entitled “CryptoNote 1.0”, which also defined the invention of a new type of cryptocurrency, the privacy coins. The white paper “CryptoNote 1.0” improves the structure of the Bitcoin blockchain, solves problems in the operation of Bitcoin by simplifying the transaction script, adjusting the block rewards and adjusting the block sizes.

Based on these documents, Monero Outreach begins its investigation. According to the investigation, the author of the Bitcoin whitepaper had a clear reason for writing the Monero whitepaper. The investigation is able to trace a series of events that indicate a direct relationship between the documents and their authors:

In a newsgroup posting on August 13, 2010, Nakamoto first posted the concepts for privacy in cryptocurrency that would later appear in the CryptoNote Whitepaper: the ideas of stealth addresses, which hide receivers in a cryptocurrency transaction, and ring signatures, which hide senders.

Monero Outreach further claims that the inventor of Bitcoin witnessed the problems that cryptocurrency had in its early days. Furthermore, there is a direct relationship between the changes that Monero introduced and the ones that Satoshi had proposed:

Nakamoto himself stealthfully inserted a 1 MB block size limit into the Bitcoin codebase in 2010 and mining reward halving that the new whitepaper tackled.

Satoshi van Saberhagen

Monero Outreach has complemented its investigation of the exposed timeline with a study of the style in which the documents are written. The study concludes that there is a direct link between the styles of the whitepapers. The study used the styling software Java Graphical Authorship Attribution Program (JGAAP). Furthermore, the researchers claim that Satoshi has more in common with Saberhagen’s writing than any Monero expert:

(…) the author of the CryptoNote whitepaper was more likely to be the author of the Bitcoin whitepaper than the author of any of 15 leading papers selected from the Monero literature. Stylometry theory says Nicolas van Saberhagen’s writing has more in common with Satoshi Nakamoto’s than with 15 prominent Monero experts.

Monero Outreach’s creative director, Thunderosa, commented on the similarities between the documents. Thunderosa highlighted the “crazy” similarities between the whitepapers’ styles and joked that “we should start calling their author Satoshi van Saberhagen”.

However, the research does not rule out the possibility that the results are the product of chance and that there is no direct relationship with the authors. Furthermore, Monero Outreach expects criticism regarding the findings. The creative head of Monero Outreach also said:

Even if we knew who Saberhagen really was, we wouldn’t tell.

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