Real Life Trading Helping Investors Understand Crypto Currency

Real Life Trading, which has already established itself as a global leader in the area of stock market education, has launched a new online course that promises to help those who are intrigued with cryptocurrency but unsure of how to trade it with success. Central to the strategy presented in the course, explains Real Life Trading co-founder and CEO Jerremy Newsome, is the willingness to be “paytient” when engaging with crypto.

“I understand that crypto is majestically fun to trade because they are incredibly fast and explosive,” Newsome explains. “But you need to be ‘paytient’ with crypto. And I spell it with a ‘y’ to remind you that your crypto investing will only ‘pay’ you when you are ‘paytient.’”

Real Life Trading offers a wide variety of courses on stock trading, including courses covering day trading, futures trading, options trading, and hedging with options, all of which promote the philosophy that everyone has enough time, enough money, and enough smarts to trade successfully on the stock market.

Research regarding the state of crypto investing reveals that there is definitely a need for Real Life Trading’s “Crypto Currencies” course, even among those who are already investing. A recent survey found that more than 10 percent of those who are already investing in crypto admit to being “not very knowledgeable” on the topic. It further shows that 60 percent of those who are curious about trading crypto are either “not very knowledgeable” or “not at all knowledgeable.”

Real Life Trading’s course, which promises to explain how to set up solid, precise, and concise plans for trading, teaches on concepts practiced by Newsome during several years of trading in crypto.

“I promised the world that I would not create a program on crypto until I had at least two years of experience trading crypto profitably,” Newsome explains. “Those two years have come and gone and I feel confident teaching what I have learned about how to calculate risk, where to buy, what time frames are best to use, and more.”

The course, which includes eight hours of online classes, begins by explaining the blockchain technology upon which crypto is built, then goes on to explain the process and strategies for buying and selling before providing thoughts on the future outlook for crypto and other digital assets.

The course also explores the different types of crypto, however, Newsome encourages his students to not “over diversity” when it comes to the coins in which they are investing.

“For the first two years of your journey with crypto investing, I recommend focusing on one to five different types of coins and buying just those, on repeat, weekly or monthly,” Newsome explains. “Far too many people buy 300 different tokens and coins on four different exchanges hoping to hit the big winner. The better strategy is focusing on 30 to 40 percent gains and returns on the larger coins.”

For those who need help navigating their first crypto trade or more advanced traders interested in learning about Real Life Trading’s “pyramiding in” strategy, more information on the course can be found at

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