Protect your privacy of crypto transactions with Bitcoin tumbler BitMix.Biz

  • BitMix.Biz offers an easy way to anonymize Bitcoin transactions.
  • Privacy becomes more and more important for all users of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin, like many altcoins, is not completely anonymous cryptocurrency. This means that contrary to the expectations of most users, you can track the sender and recipient of tokens transferred to the network by linking the cryptocurrency wallet and your name.

For example, it is easiest to find out personal data if you have ever bought Bitcoin using various payment services that require KYC verification or bank cards.

But the methods of deanonymization that fraudsters, governments and other organizations use do not end there. That is why many crypto enthusiasts use special services – crypto mixers. Further you can learn more about what it is and why they are needed.

What is a Bitcoin tumbler and what is its role?

Bitcoin mixer, sometimes also called Bitcoin tumbler or blender, is a special service or application that is designed to crush and mix Bitcoin cryptocurrencies and other popular coins in order to ensure the secrecy and anonymity of the transaction.

It is very popular on the network, since after mixing it is almost impossible to track the transaction, depending on the specific cryptocurrency mixer. However, in many countries of the world, they are being fought with, as governments claim that complete anonymity is used for fraudulent activities, money laundering, drug trafficking and other illegal operations. However, this is far from always true, because anonymity of transactions is necessary just to protect honest crypto holders from various criminal acts.

The principle of the crypto mixer operation

Mixing service work on the principle of crushing funds into small parts and then mixing them with the same parts of tokens of other users. In simple words, the service works simultaneously with a large number of users, accepts their cryptocurrency, splits it into parts, sends it to the pool, mixes it using a special algorithm and distributes it to different crypto-wallets. The user receives the same number of coins that he sent, minus the fee, which varies depending on the number of tokens sent, service policy, network congestion, the number of mixes, or the choice of a randomized commission.

Since mixers work to ensure anonymity on the network, registration on such sites is optional, no personal data is required. If necessary, a letter of guarantee is issued confirming the crypto user has deposited funds to the mixing service.

Main pros and cons

In short, the main advantage of crypto mixer is the ability to completely anonymous work, conduct transactions, which is absolutely not connected with your name. It is also important that the user does not need to have special knowledge for this, make a lot of effort.

But there are also negative sides, which appear only in case of the wrong choice of service. For example, the risk of receiving dirty digital money, returning your own money, or, if anonymity is incomplete, attracting the attention of attackers or law enforcement agencies in countries where mixers are prohibited.

Although services aimed at increasing anonymity are designed to help crypto enthusiasts, there is a big risk to keep in mind. It exists in the case of the choice of a little-known, suspicious mixer. Theoretically, transferring cryptocurrency savings into the wrong hands without any guarantees, you risk not getting them back by stumbling upon a scam project created by scammers exclusively for the theft of someone else’s cryptocurrency. You should also be careful when using crypto tumbler in countries where they are prohibited, choosing only 100% anonymous.

Do not neglect other rules: use Tor, VPN, deposit and withdraw in parts, use pending transactions, and increased randomization, withdraw funds after a while, and best of all also in parts, ideally – to different wallets.

Speaking of 100% anonymity, it is worth mentioning that not all cryptocurrency tumbler can cope with this task completely.

One of the most reliable crypto mixers that provide high Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash anonymity today is BitMix.Biz, which has a positive reputation among crypto enthusiasts, traders and miners. You can also read real user reviews about BitMix.Biz

The volume of transactions says a lot about the trust of cryptocurrency users in the service that he won over three years of its existence. BitMix.Biz has a pleasant and intuitive website interface, as well as an indicator of mixing strength. Completely anonymous and does not save any logs. It provides the ability to connect through the TOR (bitmixbizymuphkc.onion), select a fee between 0.4% and 4% and postpone the transaction to prevent the identification of the user’s real identity.

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