ProBit Exchange completes BitUniverse integration, traders can now activate automated grid trading

ProBit Exchange has recently announced the successful integration with BitUniverse, a cryptocurrency grid trading platform. Grid trading is particularly popular among crypto traders due to the massive fluctuations that have become a prominent feature of the evolving market, allowing savvy traders to take full advantage with a carefully crafted trading channel that sets up various grids to capitalize on the often exponential rise and ebb of various tokens.

Following the successful integration of BitUniverse, ProBit traders can now set up their grid trading bots via API for a convenient, fully automated grid trading system with minimal configuration involving key metrics such as upper and lower limits, grid quantity, and profit per grid. These factors are all dependent on individual risk appetites and can be adjusted accordingly.

By setting up various grid lines within the lower and upper limit, this will trigger sell orders whenever the price exceeds a specific line and trigger buy orders whenever the price drops below a grid line. As long as the price remains within the specified limits, it will continue bouncing off the various grid lines set up in a channel and enable traders to earn consistent profits with this buy low, sell high automation for both short and long term speculation.

As manual grid trading is highly complicated and requires constant adjustments and monitoring depending on market conditions, BitUniverse automates everything so anyone can set up and start earning on the cryptocurrency of their choice.

Leveraged tokens can be an ideal complement to grid trading due to the large fluctuations and amplified risk/rewards due to the built-in hedging features. With PROB stakers receiving lowered trading fees and those staking a minimum of 100,000 PROB essentially having trading fees waived via Trade Mining refunds, it is almost certain to be an oft-used formula for ProBit traders looking to take full advantage of the new grid trading feature.

iOS users are recommended to download the Test-Flight version while Android users can download directly from the Play Store:

*Disclaimer: Bituniverse retains full possession of your ProBit API Keys and ProBit Exchange does not endorse nor will be held liable for the usage of the platform and any resulting financial losses, if any. Do your own research on the security features of Bituniverse and its reputation as a company before proceeding. Bituniverse is not owned, or a subsidiary of ProBit Exchange. Both companies are in no way related.


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