Play with strategy and win the Bitcoin game

Before knowing about the details of all the investment strategies that one can adopt while infusing the basis of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency was invented in the year 2008 by an anonymous person who named himself Satoshi Nakamoto. He presented the concept of Bitcoin cryptocurrency in his paper which was published at the end of the year 2008.

At the start of the year 2009, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency was available for the use of the public as an open-source software where everyone can start doing investment just by following simple steps.

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency worked as a computer file that has a very protected end-to-end encryption which is without the involvement of any third party such as the Central Bank government etc.

Cryptography network stores the information of all the transactions made by the battle of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency in the form of a public database name blockchain networking. The creation of Bitcoin is the result of rewards that are produced as a result of a process called Bitcoin mining.

Also criticized throughout the world for being a platform you people can transfer illegal money. But speaking overall Bitcoin is a very way to earn money if you play smartly.


There are a number of strategies that you can adopt for better and efficient results and profits from Bitcoin investments. These are some of the most admirable and productive ways out of all the available strategies.

Long Position on Bitcoin

This is a process in which people buy a specific Bitcoin and then rely on the highly volatile nature of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. This is a very fast and immediate way of earning some handsome amounts on your Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Agencies also lend you money for investing it in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency so that you can earn long position benefits on the Bitcoin cryptocurrencies.

There are a number of trading sites that lend you money so that you can return it in a more efficient and profitable way. This Process works on mutualism where both the parties get their own benefits. 

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Short Position Bitcoin

This is a method that is totally opposite of the long position Bitcoin strategy. In this method creators wait until the price of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency falls to their desired limit and after that, they buy some specific number or portion of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency so that they can infuse it back into the market whenever the price raises up to their expectation.

Try to sell their Bitcoin at high prices and then buy them back at very low prices. The profit that you gain from this process is the difference between your highest selling price and your lowest purchasing price.

Purchase and Hodl

Hodl is a term that is used as an alternative to holding in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency world. The meaning of this term is very similar to holding Bitcoin. This means that people purchase Bitcoin and wait until the price of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency gets pretty high. The person is called Hodler and the process Is called To Hodl.

This is a backronym of Hold. This is a long term investment, and it is usually adopted by people who are afraid of the high volatility of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.  The person or the trader who is adapting this method should always keep an eye on all indexes and the trends of the Bitcoin rates. The process of hodling Bitcoin is the most commonly adopted strategy by many traders, businessmen, and merchants around the globe. You should always know the current, past, and expected price trends of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency so that you can avoid any unfortunate event and can call off the deal whenever you feel the danger.


All the three methods by which you can invest your money in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency are pretty beneficial. Adopt any of it according to your own personal preference. Cryptocurrency is a very surprising and astonishing method of gaining profit and making money. The more time you will give to study the trends and to know about the details of the profit and loss ratio of the cryptocurrency the higher will be your success rate. However, you should not ignore the possible risks that are present vile infusing money in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. People who are novices in marketing should always know now that this platform is more efficient for merchants and traders with capital money.  But they should also keep in mind that if your investment will be large the risk of loss will also be high. 

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