Play-to-Earn NFT Trading Card Platform Splinterland Reaches 100,000 Users

  • Play-to-earn NFT trading card gaming platform Splinterlands reaches 100,000 accounts milestone.
  • The platform continues to foster community through its incentivised blogging platform.

NFT trading card gaming ecosystem Splinterlands has reached a 100,000 accounts milestone on its platform.
The innovative platform, built on the Hive blockchain, can be accessed by players anytime allowing them to trade gaming cards. The platform is play-to-earn, and so, for every win, players are rewarded with the game’s native token, Dark Energy Crystals (DEC). Daily quest completion and bi-weekly season rewards come in the form of provably valuable and scarce non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Splinterland: adding real-life value to gaming

Splinterlands’ 100,000 user milestone is a testament to the versatility of potential NFT application. In this case, the NFT play-to-earn approach adopted by the platform keeps gamers invested. Unlike conventional gaming, where game progress and high scores have no real-life value, Splinterlands has found a way to create real and organic value in its gaming items. For instance, using the Summoner’s Spellbook upgrade, users are able to permanently own cards and potentially earn more as they play. Even users who opt for a more passive role can earn by renting out their cards to active players.

A community of blockchain trading card gamers

Founded in 2018 with the goal of creating a community around blockchain trading cards, Splinterlands has gone on to award wins valued at millions of dollars. With a daily average of 600,000 blockchain transactions, the platform has a daily card trading volume of more than $20,000. This post from three days ago puts the market cap at $25 million.

Splinterland CEO and co-founder Dr Jesse “Aggroed” Reich comments;

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This is really an exceptional moment for the community. We’re overwhelmed by positive feedback and the community is growing every day. By supporting us and playing our game, they’re empowering themselves, which in turn lets us keep providing them value and rewards in every way we can. It’s pretty sweet […] We always put the community first. They are our most important assets, so we want to empower them by ensuring that they reap value and rewards of their own. We do our best to listen to them and never take them for granted. With their help, we’ll grow this thing into the first mainstream blockchain game.

In keeping with its vision of creating and fostering community,  Splinterland members can earn by participating in activities such as content creation. Through its Splintertalk blogging platform, gamers can share content such as trivial knowledge and their game progress. They can also engage in contests. The platform has about 100 unique posts added per day.

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