PayPal Rolls Out Web3 Payments: Good News for $BTC, $BCH, and $DOMI?

PayPal rolled out its Ethereum-based PayPal USD ($PYUSD), which is fully backed by USD Deposits and other equivalents. This is a massive step in bringing about real-world crypto adoption in the long run. Bitcoin ($BTC) and Bitcoin Cash ($BCH), however, have been stuck in a bear market for the last month. ($DOMI), on the other hand has introduced an entirely new asset class, thereby generating huge profits.

As crypto markets recover slightly, experts have made their projections for $BTC, $BCH, and $DOMI. Let’s understand why they are termed as the best crypto to invest in now.

Bitcoin ($BTC) Price Trades Above $27,000 as FTX Fears Subside

After PayPal launched its stablecoin on August 7, the price of $BTC showed a positive movement. This was followed by the launch of the BASE network on August 9. As a result, $BTC rose to $31,470 on August 14.

However, the Bitcoin price has entered into a correction since then after being gripped by bearish market conditions. The rally after Grayscale’s victory over the SEC on August 29  was short-lived and could not cross above $30,000. With further delay by the SEC expected in the Spot ETF approval, Bitcoin price has dropped further. $BTC fell to $25,105 on September 11 amid fears of FTX getting liquidation approval.

However, even with FTX getting approval to liquidate its assets, including Bitcoin, the $BTC price has shown signs of recovery. $BTC has risen by 7.9% to trade at $27,103 on September 19. This has led experts to believe it is among the top crypto to buy for the long run.

Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) Makes Move To Reclaim Lost Ground

In June 2023, Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) showed a massive surge of 200% to reach $318.78 on June 30. This rise was because $BCH was one of the 4 cryptocurrencies listed on the EDX exchange. However, the crypto bear market has led $BCH to lose some of its gains. Despite positive developments, such as XRP’s victory over the SEC in July and Grayscale’s victory in August, $BCH has dropped.

The bear market conditions dragged Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) down 42.8% from its June high to $182.10 on September 12. However, as the crypto market has shown some signs of recovery, Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) has led the way.

The $BCH price has increased by 19.8% since September 11 to trade at $218.34 as of September 19. With the fear related to the FTX liquidation subsiding, analysts have a bullish $BCH prediction. ($DOMI): Poised For Further Growth Powered by its Innovative Asset Class

The NFT marketplace is one of a kind technological innovation never seen in either the art or blockchain industry. It converts traditional blue-chip artworks into NFTs to buy in a fractionalized form. The fractionalized NFTs are a new asset class that democratizes and decentralizes the traditional art market.

By converting artworks into the best NFTs to invest in, it provides a safe, secure, and immutable model of art ownership. The ownership stakes are tradeable on the marketplace.

The platform has an ERC-20 native token with the ticker $DOMI. With a total supply of 1 billion $DOMI, the token has a deflationary burn mechanism. On top of that, the $DOMI token has a dedicated vesting period to ensure equitable distribution.

$DOMI token is in Stage 1 of its presale currently at a price of $0.002625 per token. When the presale ends, the $DOMI price will reach $0.0154. The current $DOMI investors will earn an ROI of 487% even before token listing. As a result, veteran crypto analysts have turned extremely bullish on $DOMI, making it the best crypto to buy.

For Info about $DOMI, visit the Domini presale or Join the Community

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