Orion Protocol partners with COTI to merge DeFi and CeFi

  • The Orion protocol has partnered with COTI to merge DeFi and CeFi by allowing both platforms to leverage their strengths.
  • COTI will establish a greater accessibility to the Orion Protocol.

According to a press release obtained by CNF, crypto exchange aggregator Orion Protocol has partnered with COTI to increase liquidity in its ecosystem and drive adoption. As a result of the partnership, Orion Protocol will bring liquidity to the COTI network, while COTI will support greater accessibility to Orion Protocol through COTI Pay.

Through COTI Pay, Orion Protocol users cam make both online and offline payments, including cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, credit cards and a merchant’s native coin. Orion Protocol will become a COTI Pay merchant, providing a fiat onramp for Orion Terminal through ORN’s integration with COTI’s fiat processing gateway and wallets.

Through this, terminal users will benefit from fast and secure payments, zero FX fees and buyer-seller protection. In addition, the integration also has the potential to unlock other ORN token features, including loyalty points and cashback rewards, as well as lending and borrowing through the Celsius Network, which is integrated with the COTI platform.

COTI will benefit from the collaboration with Orion Protocol by enabling the Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin COTI-X to provide instant access to any liquidity source in the market, from all centralized and decentralized exchanges. Hereby, Orion is expected to play an essential role in supporting the growth of the COT network.

Commenting on the partnership with COTI, Alexey Koloskov, CEO of Orion Protocol, said:

An internet-scale payment network requires internet-scale liquidity. Providing endless liquidity from across the entire crypto market to the COTI network will bring immense value to their infrastructure, enabling tight spreads on all currencies within the COTI ecosystem. Meanwhile, every transaction on the COTI network via this liquidity will add to Orion’s Daily Protocol Volume – increasing rewards for ORN stakers.

Orion Protocol and COTI merge DeFi and CeFi

As CNF reported, Orion Protocol aims to provide the missing link between CEX and DEX liquidity aggregation. For this, the team around Koloskov has created a transaction network that takes the best of both iterations, with custody and final settlement fully decentralized, while also providing users with access to CEX liquidity and the other benefits.

The Orion Terminal was therefore released with the intention of establishing decentralized access while maintaining larger centralized liquidity pools and reducing fees and slippage – effectively a one-stop-shop solution – to access liquidity on every CEX, DEX and swap pool at the best possible price with zero slippage.

The COTI ecosystem is designed to address the challenges of both centralized finance and decentralized finance by using a DAG-based protocol that is scalable, fast, private, cost-effective, and optimized for finance.

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