Orbs launches Liquidity Nexus to introduce liquidity as a service

What has DeFi got that CeFi hasn’t? Security, scalability and often more generous returns. How about CeFi? It has liquidity that up until has just not been available to the decentralized marketplace. One company is bridging the gaps between both worlds to offer both CeFi investors, and DeFi  developers and users a product that promises all of the benefits of both arenas.

Orbs is a free to use, open-source, blockchain infrastructure built for public use that has been developed to suit mass usage of applications on enterprise-grade scale, with security and always available support when users need it most.


Orbs newest product Liquidity Nexus is launching its liquidity-as-a service product which can open up the world of DeFi for traditional investors who may have so far avoided it for its sheer complexity and lack of liquidity.

The beauty of a product like this is that it automates strategies for users giving them exposure to some of the most generous yield generating sources of revenue that is just not available in the traditional marketplaces. DeFi users will be aware of the benefits of staking tokens and the high APY this can bring. This product is the link that CeFi investors can use to access these rewarding investment options.

DeFi users on Orbs

DeFi users too can now use this decentralized blockchain infrastructure to take advantage of deep liquidity from the CeFi markets to incorporate their own deals with the Liquidity Nexus contracts. It allows companies to choose whichever blockchain they need and to develop their own dapps on it. For developers, they can use virtual chains, randomized Proof-of-Stake, and Cross-chain Interoperability. It does this by merging its own chain scalability together with Ethereum, to give developers the best of both worlds and still scale their apps as much as they need.

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