NFT collection for footballers to launch following Polaris Sports and Zilliqa partnership

  • The Polaris Sports and Zilliqa partnership will see the launching of Non-Tangible Tokens (NFTs) of 10 globally recognized footballers on June 6th.
  • Each unit of Superpack will be sold for $20,000.

The recent partnership deal between Polaris Sports, a leading athlete commercial right representation firm, and Zilliqa, a high-performance blockchain platform will see the launch of Non-Tangible Tokens (NFTs) of 10 globally recognized footballers on June 6th. The Zilliqa platform will contribute to full ownership and monetization of the personal brands of the footballers. 

The NFT collection will feature former Chelsea and Atletico Madrid player Diego Costa, current Paris Saint Germain and former Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas, Manchester City defender Ruben Dias, Athletico Madrid striker Joao Felix, Atletico Madrid legend and current Galatasaray forward Radamel “El Tigre” Falcao, FC Porto Captain and former Real Madrid legend Pepe among others. 

The 11th NFT product called “Superpack ” will feature all the football stars with an autographed digital card. It will be limited to only 999 and will come in three color variations of gold, copper, and steel. Each color will have 333 pieces. Each unit of Superpack will be sold for $20,000. Five of the Superpack buyers will receive autographed jerseys from all the players in the NFT collection. Three of the Superpack buyers will also meet three of the players virtually.

The specially produced NFT collection is inspired by traditional baseball cards as a digital, animated collectible that highlights notable player stats accompanied with unique graphics, player footage, and a personal video interview.

The “Individual Football Star Pack”

Aside from the Superpack, each of the footballers will have their NFTs sold as an Individual Football Star Pack with gold, copper, and steel as thematic color valuation. This will be a 111 pack per color, which means this will amount to 333 packs per player. Five buyers will receive a signed jersey from each player. Also, one buyer will stand a chance to win an autographed boot or glove from the player whose pack was purchased. 

These autographed items were signed by the players themselves on-set during the shooting of the content for their NFTs.

Each Individual Football Star Pack will be sold for $3,500. 

NFTs will be available on Zilliqa marketplace on 6th June

This will be the first collection to be created through Zilliqa’s brand-new Whitelabel NFT solution. The NFTs will be available on the Zilliqa marketplace starting from 6 June 2021. 

This NFT project is in line with the three main use cases of Zilliqa in the area of gaming and entertainment, digital advertisement, and payment. Zilliqa provides a platform for gamers to own and customize assets through their NFT tokens. Also, it makes it possible for DApps to facilitate international micro-payments, with its capacity to scale resulting in low transaction fees. Finally, it enables programmatic advertising through automating payment and minimizing the number of intermediaries. 

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