New Play-and-Earn Crypto Meta Masters Guild Presale Raises Over $1.2m – Invest Now Before the Price Jumps by 75%


  • Meta Masters Guild is a new crypto gaming project that’s currently in the presale phase of its native MEMAG token.
  • Having raised over $1m just weeks after launching, there are now seven days left to invest before the token price increases.

After launching on presale in January 2023, Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) has raised more than $1 million in just a few weeks. This Web3 gaming cryptocurrency project is looking to raise a hard cap of nearly $5 million as it enters the third round of a seven-stage presale. 

With the token currently priced at $0.01300, interested readers can have seven days left to buy MEMAG before the price increases by over 75%. 

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Meta Masters Guild: The Revolutionary Play-and-Earn Cryptocurrency Platform 

Web3 and cryptocurrency gaming is one of the fastest growing industries in the cryptocurrency space. Venture Capital investments in cryptocurrency games reached $12 billion in 2022, a 33% year-on-year (YoY) increase. With this rapid growth, Meta Masters Guild aims to become the top project in the Web3 gaming space. 

Meta Masters Guild promotes itself as the world’s first mobile-based Web3 gaming guild. However, it differentiates itself from other play-to-earn (P2E) cryptocurrency projects. According to the Meta Masters Guild whitepaper, this is a play-and-earn platform. 

Meta Masters Guild does not want to be another boring crypto game where the monetary component is the most enticing element. Working with some of the best Web3 gaming developers, it is on the verge of developing exciting blockchain-gaming content. 

With projects such as The Sandbox having already provided a 1000x increase since ICO (Initial Coin Offering) levels, Meta Masters Guild aims to become the next big gaming cryptocurrency. MEMAG, the native cryptocurrency, will be at the center of three upcoming gaming projects. Let’s take a closer look at the first project Meta Masters Guild is developing. 

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Meta Kart Racers – An Exciting Mobile-Based Cryptocurrency Game 

One of the first gaming projects Meta Masters Guild is working on is Meta Kart Racers, a Player v Player (PvP) racing game. Notably, Meta Masters Guild is developing this gaming project with Gamearound, one of the top Web3 gaming developers in the space. 

Meta Kart Racers will be free-to-play and allow players to earn various rewards. This mobile-based crypto platform will let users choose and customize their own karts and upgrade their racing drivers. The in-game items can be upgraded via the Meta Masters Guild online store with MEMAG tokens. 

Purchases can also be made with Gems, the in-game currency. Gems are also rewarded within the gaming ecosystem as a reward. On this racing platform, users can compete in PvP races on the Meta Kart Championship and earn Gems. Gamers can also earn rewards by collecting resources within the platform. 

One can also play-and-earn within the Meta Masters Guild Arcade mode to win in-game NFTs. As of now, the Meta Kart Racers alpha version is expected to be launched by Q2 2023.

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Meta Masters Guild Metaverse and NFT Platform 

Along with the racing platform, Meta Masters Guild is also developing two more exciting mobile-based projects. One of the upcoming cryptocurrency projects is NFT Raid, an NFT-based fantasy fighting game. 

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Users can compete against other warrior classes in hostile environments in this ecosystem. By completing challenges and progressing within the game, users can earn Gems and in-game NFT rewards. NFT Raid will also feature a PvP mode where players can compete against each other to earn tokens. 

Through the Meta Masters Guild store, members can purchase Premium NFTs. These assets offer higher in-game attributes, which can help users to progress faster within the game. NFT Raid is currently in the design stage. 

The final Meta Masters Guild platform will be the Meta Masters World metaverse. While Meta Masters World is currently in the concept/discovery stage, it is expected to be an open-world game where all characters and items will be minted as NFTs. Meta Masters Guild also aims to make all the in-world NFTs tradable through an online NFT marketplace. 

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Buy MEMAG Tokens Before the Price Soars by 75%

To access this gaming ecosystem, users can purchase MEMAG through the ongoing presale. The project tokenomics states that there is a maximum of 1 billion MEMAG tokens. 350 million of the available supply has been allocated for the ongoing presale. 

Currently, on stage three of seven presale rounds, MEMAG is priced at $0.013. In the first two rounds, Meta Masters Guild already raised over $1 million after selling more than 130 million tokens. 

By the seventh presale round, MEMAG will be available to buy for $0.023, a 76.9% price increase. Therefore, one can purchase MEMAG during the ongoing stage for a lower price. Having raised more than $1.22 million, the third presale round will end once the total funds raised reach $1.84 million.

Due to this token’s use cases, many analysts believe that MEMAG has the potential to increase by over 10x. By purchasing MEMAG before the presale ends, investors may generate a huge return on their investment. 

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Access $MEMAG With a Cryptocurrency Wallet 

Early presale investors still have the opportunity to buy MEMAG before the price rises by more than 75%. With the growing popularity of this particular space, investors can potentially witness their MEMAG investments skyrocket in the long term. 

What’s more, is that MEMAG can be purchased with a simple cryptocurrency wallet like MetaMask or Wallet Connect. Connect your cryptocurrency wallet to the Meta Masters Guild presale platform and swap MEMAG tokens with Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT) holdings. 

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If you do not hold ETH or USDT in your wallet, simply purchase one of the tokens from a crypto exchange and transfer them to your wallet. Alternatively, the Meta Masters Guild presale website will let investors buy Ethereum directly with a Credit/Debit card. 

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