New partnership: VeChain secures fine arts with Blue Bite

  • VeChain has teamed up with Blue Bite to use the blockchain technology to secure fine art via the Fine Art Ledger.
  • The ledger will be a management platform for works of art to improve transparency, connectivity and security in this sector.

The number of blockchain technology applications in the industry and economy have increased significantly this year. A blockchain company which undoubtedly has a certain share in this is Vechain. As part of a new partnership, VeChain will bring fine arts to the blockchain. In a cooperation with Blue Bite and Vechain have developed the Fine Art Ledger.

VeChain and Blue Bite will revolutionize fine arts

The announcement was made through a blog post by Blue Bite. As the post describes the potential of the Fine Art Ledger is enormous for the art sector. The fine art sectors is currently one of the least exposed to the benefits of blockchain.

The new blockchain-based platform will be able to issue certificates of authenticity to artists, museums, galleries, buyers. To achieve this the Fine Art Ledger will use NFC labels installed directly on the frame of the work. In addition, the platform will allow users to have a record of their works on the blockchain. Furthermore it will facilitate the registration of works of art:

Blue Bite facilitates the creation and customization of “Fine Art Experiences,” which include the blockchain record of the work. By tapping the artwork frame, art owners can easily register their works on The Fine Art Ledger, maintaining a digital, blockchain-authenticated catalogue of their works and art information; they can also generate certificates of authenticity.

This function will make the process of registration of fine arts more viable and contribute to a decrease in the trade of counterfeits. In addition, people will be able to use the Fine Art Ledger to learn about art, history and the process of creating works. Fine Art Ledger founder Sam Miller stated:

Not only does The Fine Art Ledger provide easy-to-use security, information, title and cataloguing tools for the art owner. It also provides remarkable opportunities to access and learn about fine art. Thanks to Blue Bite, we are able to deliver customized and rich interactive art experiences directly to people’s phones to really engage and immerse them in art, which can only be an incredible boost for art lovers everywhere.

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The platform is intended to promote a personalized and interactive experience of people with works of art. The users of the platform can “immerse” themselves in art with their computers or mobile phones. Commenting on the collaboration with VeChain Mikhail Damiani, the CEO and co-founder of Blue Bite said the following:

We’ve strategically created a robust open framework that enables us to integrate with industry leaders like VeChain, allowing us to focus on what we do best while offering our customers a complete end-to-end solution.

VeChain among the leaders of blockchain technology

Without a doubt, the Art Ledger is an example of what Blockchain technology can do. Authentication and secure business and validation platforms are a growing need. As CNF has reported, VeChain is at the forefront of developing such blockchain applications.

Most recently, Vechain announced the introduction of a new VeChain Blockchain Explorer. In addition, Vechain developed a game book with the technology company Microsoft. At the beginning of December, Vechain announced that the Australian custom sneaker manufacturer Chase Shiel is using the Vechain Thor blockchain to verify its products in real time.

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