NBA star Steph Curry seeks advice as he debuts into the crypto space; MicroStrategy’s CEO suggests BTC

  • Professional basketball player Steph Curry sought advice on Twitter as he starts the “crypto game.”
  • As crypto advocates support his decision, critics also warn him against the new step.

Popular American professional basketball player Steph Curry has declared that he is stepping into the crypto space and requests advice on his new journey. As a crypto newcomer, Curry took to Twitter to announce his debut into the “crypto game.” In the tweet, he wrote:

Just getting started in the crypto game… y’all got any advice??

Steph Curry seeks crypto advice 

In less than 24 hours after the NBA star’s tweet, the post has attracted a lot of Twitter users, generating thousands of likes, comments, and retweets. 

Currently, the tweet has nearly 16,000 replies, including responses from prominent names in the crypto community. Among the crypto giants that replied to Curry’s tweet was MicroStrategy’s CEO, Michael Saylor. Saylor commented:

Steph, I spent more than a thousand hours considering this question and chose Bitcoin. So far, I have purchased more than $3 billion in Bitcoin because I think it’s the future of digital property.

In addition, the CEO said the basketball player could message him for more information on Bitcoin. 

Saylor is an unrepentant Bitcoin bull and has been investing heavily in BTC. Being the CEO of a publicly traded business intelligence company, MicroStrategy has gathered BTC worth billions of dollars. At the same time, MicroStrategy revealed in April that its board of directors was being paid in BTC. A few months later, the company said that it plans to buy more Bitcoin after selling off $400 million in corporate bonds. 

Other crypto supporters that advised Curry included chief strategy officer at the Human Right Foundation Alex Gladstein and crypto social media commentator, Crypto Cobain. 

As several replies support Curry’s decision and encourage him to step further into the cryptocurrency sector, other responses wanted him against the decision. Specifically, some Twitter users reacted to Saylor’s advice, warning Curry not to heed the suggestion of the Bitcoin bull. 

Crypto critics reply to Curry’s tweet 

Finance columnist and crypto critic, Frances Coppola stated her advice in a simple word – “Don’t.”

Already, Curry’s employers and NBA franchise, the Golden State Warriors, have moved towards cryptocurrency. The NBA franchise has released officially licensed NFTs commemorating the team’s NBA championships and iconic games. 

Details of the collection included the first NBA championship of the franchise in 1947. Also, 50 editions of the team’s 2018 championships are included in the collection. Auctioning of the franchise’s NFTs ended on the 1st of May on NFT marketplace OpenSea.

Additionally, a part of the proceeds from the auction went into the Warriors Community Foundation. Over the past nine years, the Foundation has been financially supporting educational initiatives in the Bay Area. 

Regarding the digital collectibles, the chief revenue officer Golden State Warriors Brandon Schneider said:

The digital collectibles excitement is palpable. We see NFTs and digitization of our business as a mainstay to engage our fans around the world.

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